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"I am Sir Ivan... Knight... of Zandar."
―Ivan's introduction to the Rangers[src]

"'Tis morphing time!"
―Ivan leading a morph[src]

"Pterodactyl, Power Ranger Gold!"
―Ivan's roll call as Gold Ranger[src]

"Ivan, Power Ranger Gold!"
―alternate roll call[src]

"Monster vanquished!"
―Ivan after a Megazord Battle victory[src]

"Robot vanquished!"
―Ivan after defeating Robo Roxy[src]

Sir Ivan of Zandar is a knight from the 13th century. In possession of the Gold Energem, he is the Dino Charge Gold Ranger and is the Sixth Ranger of the Dino Charge Rangers. He is also known as Gold Ranger and in roll calls as Pterodactyl Power Ranger Gold.

Character History

Dino Charge

Sir Ivan is a legendary knight of the small country of Zandar. Centuries ago in the year 1215 while accompanying Prince Colin, he came across the Gold Energem. He then encountered a hooded figure who attacked both Ivan and the prince, revealing itself to be the monster Fury. The Royal Rangers As Fury and Ivan crossed swords, the Gold Energem bonded with Ivan. As a last resort, Fury absorbed Ivan but lost the Gold Energem in the process. For centuries Ivan was trapped within the body of Fury as he searched for the Energems. Break Out

"Still think this stone is yours?!"
―Ivan after he transform for the first time

Ivan fully morphed for the first time.

In present time, with Sledge and the Dino Charge Rangers in a race to find the Energems, Fury managed to acquire the Ptera Dino Charger, and with Wrench's aid acquired the technology to charge it using Ivan's essence, however, this only lasted for short periods. When Logic Fails With Fury tapping more and more into Ivan, Ivan grew strong enough to separate himself from his captor - fully aware that he already watched the Power Rangers in action during his imprisonment, and so can he, to become the Gold Ranger. He attempts to return the Gold Energem to Phillip, Zandar's current prince, but he refuses it, acknowledging that Ivan was chosen by the Energem. Break Out

Ivan and "The Knights of Amber Beach".

While he is aware of the power of the Gold Ranger and the Pterazord, he has yet to adjust to life among modern humans- something Koda can relate to. Unable to see the Rangers in battle, he dismisses them. Ivan later finds people who he thinks are of courage and invites them to join him in his quest. However, once these recruits see what they're up against in the Vivix and monsters, they quickly run away, leaving only the Rangers at Ivan's side. Knight After Knights

Ivan takes a job as the Dino Bite Cafe waiter at the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum as part of his new life. Sync or Swim

While finding the culprit whose graffitied the Museum's walls and trucks, Ivan found his look-alike named Zach, who turns out to be none other than his descendant. Freaky Fightday

When the Rangers return to the past to save Keeper and stop Sledge, Tyler manage to ambush Fury with a bomb into think he got five remaining Energems (Red, Purple, Graphite, Aqua and Silver) to kill him, thus undoing Ivan's fate from being captured by Fury in his time. Once all Sledge's army has been destroyed to the sun, both Ivan and Koda can now go back in their home time. End of Extinction

Beast Morphers

"Spoken like true Rangers!"
―Ivan greeting the Beast Morphers Rangers.[src]

Ivan, alongside some other members of his team, traveled to the main dimension in order to find Keeper, there they fought some foot soldiers and met the Beast Morphers Rangers. After Keeper got kidnaped by Evox's Army, the Dino Charge Rangers went to Grid Battleforce and explained the situation to the current team, both teams agreed to work together and rescue Keep

The Dino Charge Rangers alongside the Beast Morphers Rangers.

er. They soon accepted a bargain with Evox and went to an abandoned warehouse to trade Ryjack's collection for Keeper, but when Snide didn't follow up on the agreement both teams morphed and got ready to fight.

When the Beast Morphers Rangers left to fight a Gigadrone, Tyler called Shelby and Riley to fight Snide. Just when the team defeated Snide, the newly revived Sledge and his crew appeared. Ivan fought against his old rival Fury, but was defeated, and almost destroyed alongside his teamates if it weren't for the Beast Morphers Rangers appearing at the last second, blasting Sledge's crew and managing to get away after rescuing Keeper. After making sure Keeper was safe and thank the current team, the Dino Charge Rangers departed to their home universe until the next time they meet. Finders Keepers

Days after their previous adventure, Goldar Maximus and Snide were attacking the Dino Charge Rangers in their dimension and were after their

Ivan fighting alongside Kimberly and Kira.

Energems. Four of the Beast Morphers Rangers arrived but the villains still managed to steal four of the Energems, including the Gold Energem, and defeat both teams of Rangers. While both teams were hiding and discussing the villains' plans of making an evil Zord, Jason and Devon arrived, gave the team Morphers and Morph-X powered Dino Chargers and decided to split themselves into two teams. Ivan and his team followed Jason on a frontal assault while the Beast Morphers team attacked from behind. When Goldar Maximus and the rest of Evox's army arrived,

Ivan defeats Robo-Roxy.

Jason summoned his old Mighty Morphin' teammates and the Dino Rangers to defeat the army in a big fight.

During the battle, Ivan defeated some foot soilders alongside Kimberly and Kira, and destroyed Robo-Roxy on his own. When Evox summoned his massive Chimerazord, Ivan and his team joined in summoning the Dino Charge Megazord and aiding in its defeat. With Evox on the run again, the teams departed and said goodbye to the Dino Charge Rangers.Grid Connection


Ivan is a very gentle, kind soul who values honesty and loyalty above all else. He wields his magnificent sword with legendary skill and doesn't hesitate to use it for a noble cause. He's also an ace with a bow and arrow. Ivan behaves with great finesse and chivalry. He speaks with a Medieval British accent, and uses odd, antique phrases, continually clashing with today's culture. A example is when he calls Tyler or Riley by the honorific "Sir," Shelby "My lady.", or both Poisandra and Curio as "Gargoyles".

Unlike the rest of the Dino Charge Rangers, Ivan's Morpher is not modeled after a pistol/handgun, but rather a crossbow, which he manages to use with precise aim in tandem with his martial arts abilities.

Ivan also shows a dramatic side to him as he always shows off his knight status via wearing a suit of armor and riding a horse.

Dino Charge Gold Ranger

Dino Charge Gold Ranger

"Ptera Charger, Engage!"
―Transformation announcement via Gold Ptera Morpher[src]



Appearances: DC Episodes 11-22, DSC Episodes 1-22, BM S2 Episodes 12, 13

Dino Charge Gold Ranger in Dino Drive



Appearances: DC Episodes 12-14, 16-22, DSC Episodes 1-11, 13, 14, 16, 17, 19, 20, 22

"Dino Super Drive Charger, Engage!"
―Transformation announcement via Dino Super Drive Saber/Charger[src]

Dino Charge Gold Ranger in Dino Super Drive



Appearances: DSC Episodes 2-11, 13, 14, 16, 17, 19, 20, 22, BM S2 Episode 13

Behind the Scenes

  • The Gold Ranger's American suit is not color matched to the Sentai version. In Kyoryuger, the suit is a shiny gold, but in Dino Charge the suit is a flat light yellow. It makes it clear what footage of him is original and which is Sentai footage.
  • Ivan is the second Sixth Ranger to have a successor, color-wise the first being Gem who was followed by Antonio, Ivan was followed by Levi.
  • Sir Ivan's civilian attire, specifically his long coat was custom made for the show. His actor, Davi Santos, ended up keeping the jacket after production wrapped and will often wear at convention appearances. Santos once again donned the jacket in Beast Morphers while reprising the role of Ivan.


  • Ivan is portrayed by Davi Santos. His suit actor is portayed by Naoki Ofuji (大藤 直樹 Ōfuji Naoki).
  • Ivan's personality and demeanor are befitting a royal knight. This carries over in his words and actions. He has his own 'medieval' spin on the Rangers' calls, such as "'Tis Morphing time!" instead of "It's Morphin' time!" as well as "Monster vanquished!" instead of "Monster extinct!" However, in The Ghostest With the Mostest, Ivan did indeed say "Monster extinct!"


  • In the toyline, Ivan's dinosaur is a Pteranodon instead of a Pterodactyl.
  • Ivan is the first Gold Ranger on a dinosaur-themed team.
  • Ivan is the first male Ranger that has a Pterodactyl zord.
  • Considering he has a decendant he must have been married at some point making him the second Power Ranger to be married, the first being Lightspeed Rescue Green Ranger Joel Rawlings, followed the now Ranger couple Tommy Oliver and Katherine Hillard, who later married lately as of Dimensions in Danger. Or, as he seems surprised that Zach is his descendant, it is possible that Ivan isn't married and had an unknown illegitimate child.
  • Ivan's home country of Zandar is named after Utsusemimaru's finishing move and weapon from Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, the Serial Zyuden Sword Zandar Thunder, presumably as an explanation for the weapon's attack animation displaying the name. 
  • Ivan's being a knight is likely a reference to Utusemimaru being a samurai, as samurai are the Japanese equivalent of feudal knights in the West.
  • On the space wanted list, Ivan was worth of 20,000 of quals.
  • Ivan is the first Gold Ranger to serve on a team without a Yellow Ranger.
  • The way Ivan bonded with his Energem was very similar to how Riley did in Past, Present and Fusion, as they both had the Energem use their weapons to bond with them. They were also both in battles with Fury.
  • Ivan is the only Ranger in the entire New Saban Era to use a wrist mounted Morpher.


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