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"Excellent. Finally I'm free from this place. Thank you Emperor Gruumm. No one will be held prisoner on this rock."
―Sinuku's first words[src]

"But I don't wanna go back! The food is terrible!"
―Sinuku Being judged in Judgement Mode[src]

Sinuku Card.jpg

Sinuku is snake-like alien scientist. He possessed the alien weapons, called megatons. He was also former friend of Dr. Rheas. He worked for Broodwing and serves as the main antagonist of the episode Stakeout.


Sinuku was once a brilliant scientist and specialized on military technology. He worked with young eartling scientist Dr. Rheas. But then he turned to crime and was arrested. But he escped with the help of Troobians. After escaping from KO-35's satellite prison thanks to Broodwing and Emperor Gruumm Sinuku heads to Earth to meet with an old friend - Dr. Rheas, who has the control to some demagnetons. He arrived to Earth to find his weapons, megatons, a powerful rockets. He arrived at his cave with Krybots. Jack, Sky and Z destroyed his krybots, but he managed to find his megatons and escape. His rockets needed a special chemical element, which his former partner Dr. Rheas possessed. He requested Broodwing to give him a giant robot to help him find the element. Broodwing created a robot for him. The robot could create hologram doubles. He is intercepted by the S.P.D. Rangers who bring him down in his giant robot using the Delta Squad Megazord. However, Sinuku tricked the Rangers with his holograms and arrived to his former friend Dr. Rheas and demanded the element for his weapons. But then Jack arrived and destroyed the Krybots, that guarded Sinuku and fought the villain. Sinuku fought with his sword and lasers from eyes. But then the other rangers arrived and Sinuku retreted to his robot and fought the megazord. He fired at megazord with his megatons, damaging it. But then rangers reflected the blasts back at him, destroying the robot. Sinuku then gets out of robot. The Rangers then finish the job by containing Sinuku with the Canine Cannon. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Stakeout Sinuku is later cloned by Slate and Morgana, but the clone is destroyed by the S.P.D. Battlizer. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Reflection


Sinuku was once a kind-hearted, friendly and brilliant scientist who was good friends to Dr. Rheas. But then he turned to crime and became a greedy, cunning, selfish and calculating criminal, who was obsessed with power. Despite being good friends to Dr. Rheas in the past, he currently has no genuine friendship with her and only used her for his selfish goals. Sinuku was also an arrogant and confident, considering himself the best and it led to his defeat at the hands of Rangers.

Powers and Abilities


  • Eye Lasers: Sinuku can fire red lasers from his eyes.


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  • Sword: Sinuku wields a sword for combat.

    Sinuku's Sword



  • Arms dealing.
  • Attempted arms dealing.
  • Kidnapping.
  • Assaulting multiple officers of the law.
  • Attempted destruction of police property (the Delta Squad Megazord since it’s owned by S.P.D. which is itself a police force organization).
  • Property damage of police property.
  • Escaping prison
  • Terrorism (both of his attacks on the city).

Behind the Scenes



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  • In the video game for the Game Boy Advance, Sinuku is incorrectly referred to as Scimatu.


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