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"You shouldn't do that if you want the Energems. Rumor has it that they're loose on this planet and that you're willing to partner with anyone that can bring you one."
―Singe's first words when arriving on Earth and confronting Snide, Fury and Wrench after Snide threatened to cut him to pieces.[src]

"*displeased groan.* So these are the so-called "heroes." Heroes give me such a headache. Only one way to cure cure a hero headache. Crush them!"
―Singe when meeting Chase and Tyler.[src]

"Ah ha ha ha ha. Time to put my foot down!"
―Singe after being enlarged by the Magna Beam.[src]

"What?! I’m in a vivix’s body! No!"
―Singe’s last word before his death.[src]

Singe was a candle-like devil alien and the double agent of Lord Arcanon. He served as the main antagonist of the episodes "A Date with Danger" and "Forged Under Fire" as well as the mastermind behind the episode "Roar of the Red Ranger."


Singe is sent by Lord Arcanon to establish himself in Sledge's Crew and find a way to kill the Dino Charge Rangers and bring him their Energems.

Singe travels in what he refers to as "a burning asteroid", a crystal-like super-heated spherical ship, and lands on Earth. Shortly afterwards, he comes to meet Snide, who is accompanied by Fury and Wrench with Fury immediately disliking him. In order to avoid being destroyed and falling into good graces at the same time, Singe presents himself as a freelance villain who has heard about thier goal on the universal grapebine and proposes a partnership to which Snide agrees. Accompanied by Fury, he later goes to meet and battle the Power Rangers, overwhelming them, but eventually retreating alongside his comrade, to prevent the heroes from exploiting the opening given by the fight between the two generals and the fact his headache, caused by heroes, was getting worse. Back at Sledge's Ship, Wrench gives a picture of Chase and Kaylee to him, to which Fury pushes him aside angrily, berating him and ordering him not to call Singe master. Heckyl then questions where are the Energems he promised Snide, to which Singe replies he has a plan to take them, using the Black Ranger's girlfriend as bait to lure him and the other Rangers out. This time, escorted by Wrench, he mops the floor with the Rangers, and takes them by surprise after he apparently leaves Wrench to fend for himself, while actually communicating with Heckyl after teleporting to be enlarged. Heckyl likes Singe's style and complies, ordering the Magna Beam to be fired. Once grown, Singe overpowers the Plesio Charge Megazord, both in Para and Raptor Formations, as the best they manage to do is merely to scratch him and crack the mirror on his chest and leaving two shallow open wounds on his chest, to which Singe retaliates by blasting the Megazord back. After Poisandra mocks Fury by praising Singe, Fury decides he has had enough and states he will have the last laugh, defiantly reverting the magnification and shrinking Singe back to normal. However, Heckyl is impressed enough with his performance that he accepts him into the crew and allows him to take any cell he wants, so Singe takes Fury's cell. Fury warns him to watch his step or he will step all over him, a clear message to the newcomer. Tvicon.png TV STORY-A Date with Danger

Singe then puts in motion his next plan by having Ninja to plug a virus into Kendall's computer in order to disrupt the Dino Charge Rangers' weapons to which Heckyl agrees and Fury objects. Now authorized, Ninja puts the scheme in its tracks and successfully installs it. As a result, Tyler becomes feral and uncontrollable. As of the moonlit nightfall, Snide congratulates Singe, but demands to know what is next. Singe states he needs assistance to find him fast, as he is now on the run and, alone, he is theoretically a vulnerable target. Hunter volunteers to help him. Intensely pressured and threatened by Snide, Singe has Ninja and Hunter to team up and retrieve the Energem. However, Tyler's father breaks the virus' control on his son and reveals to be the Aqua Ranger. Now with the added strength of a ninth Ranger, Hunter retreats, leaving Ninja to fend for himself and be overwhelmed and destroyed by the T-Rex Super Charge Mode and the Plesio Charge Megazord Pachy-Rex Formation. Singe then saves Hunter from being destroyed, after Fury dimisses the outlaw's excuse of finding the Aqua Energem, as all he has done was give Heckyl one more Ranger to fight against, by saying he needs him for bait as part of his next plot. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Roar of the Red Ranger

Singe using the Zotak Rings on Fury

Singe is quick to propose his next plan, which is to use the Zotak Rings in his possession to neutralize the power of the Energems, causing them to be inert, and render the Rangers unable to morph and access their weaponry. Fury is surprised by his resourcefulness, but he is swift to remark they want to take them, not defuse them. Although Heckyl is slightly annoyed by Fury's behavior and pulls the sword away from Singe, he acknowledges Fury is correct and once again warns Singe to get him the Energems or else. Complying, he takes Hunter and uses him as bait, as he himself stated previously, to lure the Rangers into his trap. However, Fury gets in his way and tells him not to steal his thunder while ordering the Magna Beam to be fired. Not to be outdone, Singe hits Fury from behind and places two Zotak rings on him, one on each of his horns. Despite his handicap, Fury is still able to take on the Dino Charge Megazord, though Singe's Zotak rings deplete his power so much he eventually loses and shrinks, swearing revenge. With Hunter's aid, Singe is able to temporarily subdue and de-energize Tyler and then Chase, Riley, Koda, Ivan and Shelby, until the Graphite and Aqua Rangers arrive and help the others to retreat. Incapable of assuming their Ranger forms and, with Tyler's Energem now cracked, Kendall, Phillip and James hold their ground long enough for Tyler to mend the Red Energem. Once more able to activate T-Rex Super Charge Mode, and now also able to access the power of the other Rangers at will, he uses the Tri-Stego, Tri-Ankylo, Pachy-Ankylo and Para-Raptor Formations to defeat Singe and destroy the Vivix and Spikeballs under his command. Outmatched, he retreats and recovers inside the ship within Fury's cell, until they quarrel again. Having had enough of their constant arguing, Heckyl locks them both in the same cell and leaves them to spend some quality time together to learn how to play nice as to discipline the two. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Forged Under Fire

Singe then witnesses Fury's next plan through the creation of Spell Digger and is quick to ask what is so great about greed. After the hybrid outlaw provides a brief explanation, Heckyl takes Singe's blaster and gives it to Fury in case he needs more firepower. As they leave, Singe is revolted to realize they consider him untrustworthy. Though the scheme initially works, Fury is unable to overpower the Rangers and Spell Digger is unable to trap them within the magic portal on his pendant, a special modification courtesy of Wrench. After the plot eventually fails and the chimeric monster is beaten, Singe is then gazed upon talking to Lord Arcanon on a screen whom he addresses as a superior. Fury catches him red-handed and demands the truth. Singe says he was talking to his grandmother, but Fury knows better than to believe it and leaves, now certain Singe is definitely up to something behind Heckyl's back. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Riches and Rags

When the mysterious Silver Ranger sends a message to the Rangers about the location of the Titano Zord, Singe intercepts the message and somehow comes to know about the location of the Zord. Snide sends fishing/hook-theme monster name Hookbeard to destroy the Zord, but he fails. When Heckyl asks Singe how did he get to know about the Zord, he at first tells that it was "intuition." Heckyl starts charging up his lighting beam and asks angrily again, losing his patience. Singe, out of tricks, attacks Heckyl, making the latter hit and beat him. An injured Singe escapes, saying that his true master is much more eviler than anyone on the ship. Heckyl, now fully aware of Singe's betrayal, orders Fury to destroy Singe wherever he meets him. Singe approaches his asteroid ship and murmurs that they have no idea whom they are dealing with. He enters his ship and flees into space, returning to his true master. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Gone Fishin

Singe with his master and Doomwing

Singe later returns, accompanied by Lord Arcanon and fellow general, Doomwing. Though they fail in eliminating their competitors, as the villains engage in a power struggle, each of which having their two top generals beside them, in the case of Heckyl and Snide being Fury and Wrench, after the destruction of the castle-theme monster-like Megazord, Fortress, they are successful in defeating Heckyl and imprisoning him again, making Arcanon the outlaws' new master. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Recipe for Disaster

Singe controlling the Ptera Charge Megazord

Singe, Lord Arcanon, Fury and Doomwing find Zenowing and capture him in order to have Doomwing and Zenowing fused together forever. Riley saves the day by using "Green Prism Slash" attack to stop the combination of Doomwing and Zenowing from the Dark Energem, and saves Zenowing. While the Dark Energem was flown away into the woods, Fury and Singe finds the Dark Energem as fast as they can. Singe mentions the Rangers saying "The Rangers are playing with fire. And they're gonna get burned, Hn hn he he he!". After the following defeat of Doomwing, Singe tells Arcanon that he found the Dark Energem and give it to him. Heckyl fully remembers what happen to his world and how he becomes Snide and angrily blames Arcanon for destroying Sentai 6 and tries to attack him, but he was held back by Singe. Arcanon orders Fury and Singe to put Heckyl back into solitary. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Wings of Danger

Heckyl Captured 1.jpeg

Singe and Lord Arcanon torture Snide in chains but Snide uses the green tentacle from his chest and grabs Singe and lifts him up causing him to be scared and afraid. Professor Strickler switches bodies with Singe and a Vivix but Singe ends up in a Vivix's body causing him to be scared, desperate, and devastated. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Freaky Fightday

Singe's death

With the return of Sledge, Lord Arcanon was shocked that he isn't destroyed, and still alive after the ship crash and returns from his absence. After Sledge’s betrayal, Arcanon, Singe, Conductro, and Screech attempt to destroy Sledge but Poisandra, Fury, Wrench, Curio, and Snide join Sledge which is Snide's betrayal of Arcanon. Sledge and his crew fires the projectiles towards Arcanon and his crew causing them to get caught in the explosion, destroying them for good. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Worgworld

Alternate Timeline

In the new timeline created by killing Sledge's Crew in prehistoric times, Heckyl and Zenowing go to Sentai 6 to protect the Dark Energem from being taken again. Singe still lives yet his fate is unknown as of now. He was presumably destroyed by Heckyl and Zenowing offscreen to prevent the theft of the Dark Energem which is supported by the fact that he has never returned to terrorize the universe. Tvicon.png TV STORY-End of Extinction


"It's called a Last Blaster 'cause it's the last blaster you'll ever see."
―Singe's pretentious nature after Tyler questioned what his Last Blaster was.[src]

Singe was an extremely calm, laid-back, ruthless, sadistic, sly, deceitful, narcissistic, and manipulative warrior. He showed off his serious yet sarcastic side in every situation. He was cynical, insubordinate, traitorous, and fearless as he showed no fear before Snide and Heckyl, though he respected both. Singe was also shown to be somewhat pretentious since he named his Last Blaster after the fact they often killed his enemies with them. From the moment he arrives on Earth. However, his most prominent trait was his rivalry with Fury, as Heckyl seemed to prefer his way and attitude, indicating he might have wanted to suppress what is left from Sledge's influence within the crew. However, this was countered by Snide's preference of Fury, thus allowing their competition to escalate to levels dangerous to the success rate of their missions and further endangering both of them.

After his secret had been exposed, Singe had had the audacity to talk down to Heckyl that his real master was more powerful than he was before retreating back to space and after when he returns, he to referred Heckyl and the crew as trash as his loyalty to Lord Arcanon was unquestionable in terms of being by his side. Compared to Arcanon though, while his master was still horrendous by his own right, he was actually quite more cruel and aggressive than him.

Powers and Abilities


  • Power-Singe was very strong, comparable to Fury and Doomwing in terms of might, being able to take down all seven Dino Charge Rangers in one single hit and even block the Black Ranger's Armor X Spiral Attack with ease. He is also hinted to be stronger than Wrench, Poisandra, and Curio. However, Sledge, Snide, Heckyl, and Lord Arcanon exceeded him in power.
  • Teleportation: Singe could teleport to any location in a massive beam of red-yellow energy.
  • Monster Summoning: Singe was able to summon any monsters of his choice with a snap of his finger as seen when he called for Ninja.
  • Flame Flare: Singe could fire a devastating energy beam made of fire and heat from his chest. One blast was strong enough to cause a massive explosion.
  • Energy Lasers: Singe could fire yellow or red energy lasers from his hands.


  • Strength: Singe was able to outmatch both the Red and Black Rangers with ease and block the Black Ranger's Armor X Spiral Attack with a single hand.
  • Durability: Singe had thick skin, meaning that the Dino Super Drive Morph Blaster Final Strike just knocked him over and the Galactic Para Blast barely did any damage.
  • Deception: Singe could deceive others into thinking he is on their side when his allegiance was actually to Lord Arcanon.


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  • Last Blaster: When in battle, Singe was equipped with a blaster which was mounted on his hip when not in use. He gave it this name because "it's the last blaster his enemies will ever see."
    • Laser Barrage-Singe's Last Blaster could fire a barrage of red lasers strong enough to send Chase and Tyler flying.
    • Flame Flare: Singe can launch a continuous energy laser from his blaster. It is similar to the ability he launches from his chest, but is smaller and colored yellow.
  • Sword: Singe possessed a sword for close combat.
    • Sword Heat Waves: Singe could launch heat waves at his foes from his sword with devastating force.
  • Zotak Ring Controller: Singe possessed a green patch-like energy-stealing device that he could place on his arm which allowed him to put restraints called Zotak Rings on anything that is hit by it through a green-hued energy wave.
    • Artefact Disabling-The Zotak Rings could neutralize whatever is wrapped by the Zotak Rings it unleashed, including the Energems.
    • Power Blocking-The Zotax Rings were able to massively weaken Fury's powers enough that the Dino Charge Megazord Tri-Stego Ptera Formation made short work of it. Tyler eventually destroyed the controller using his T-Rex Super Charge mode and a Super Charge Morpher Blast, causing the Rings to vanish out of existence.
  • Communication Tablet: Singe had a tablet which he uses to communicate with Lord Arcanon.

Behind the Scenes


  • Singe was voiced by Mark Mitchinson, who also voiced Creepox, using a vague Brooklyn accent.


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  • Like his Super Sentai counterpart and Rita Repulsa, Singe would state how heroes give him a headache during his debut appearance. After his first appearance however, that trait was removed.
  • Singe didn’t appear in Besties 4eva.


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