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Silvy Larson is the young daughter of Carlos' high school teacher who finds out Carlos and Andros are Power Rangers. She first appears in Carlos on Call, where her hair color is black
Silvy Larson Black hair
& then later appears in Mission to Secret City only to be abducted by Vacsacker and transported to the Secret City, where she is turned into a data card. However, she is soon released by the Power Rangers and reunited with her mother.

Her older brother Troy died from his illness (at age 11, or 12 after his birthday) two months prior to Carlos on Call before they could achieve their dreams of becoming astronauts to take a moon rock.


Silvy is portrayed by Juliet Naulin. A brief scene from the Sentai footage of her being cornered by Datascammer has her briefly portrayed by Mai Oohira (大平 麻衣 Ōhira Mai), the actress who portrayed her Sentai counterpart Ayumi Shiraishi.



  • Unlike her Sentai counterpart, she is made into a recurring character, while Ayumi was just a one-time character who appeared in Carlos on Call's corresponding episode. Also, Ayumi's target in the corresponding episode was Kenta Date (Mega Red), instead of Koichiro Endo (Mega Black). 
  • Silvy's hair color changed from dark brown in her first appearance, but it was later blonde in her next appearances. This is possibly to accomodate the scene where they used the Sentai footage of her character's counterpart (who wears almost the same outfit as her at that time) being cornered by Datascammer, however, an error exists as Ayumi's hair color is black, while Silvy's hair is brown.

Silvy being briefly portrayed by her Sentai counterpart

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