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The Silver Star Equestrian Club (シルバースター乗馬倶楽部 Shirubāsutā Jōba Kurabu) is a club that specializes in the riding and caretaking of horses. It becomes the main home of the five Gingaman after the petrification of the Ginga Forest by Steerwoman Shelinda. The heroes' stay was arranged by Haruhiko Aoyama, who is friends with the owner of the club and allows for them to live there and to work as horse-riding instructors and in upkeep while they are outside their real home.

Shortly after taking up residence at the club, Gingaman plants a seed given to them by Elder Orghi briefly before he and the Ginga Forest was petrified. The seed grows into a massive tree instantly and creates a gateway into an extra-dimensional space where Wisdom Tree Moak resides, becoming the Sentai squad's headquarters for dealing with Balban issues.Chapter 3: The Wisdom of the Land

The club previously belonged to one Ryunosuke Morikawa, who owned it prior to the current owner. He briefly tried to visit claiming to be the owner's father in order to make sure that it was in proper management despite not initially trusting Gingaman.Chapter 16: The Homeland of the Heart

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