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Silver Space Sentries are a class of Lord Drakkon's Ranger Sentries whom are derived from the Silver Space Ranger.

Character History

At least three Silver Space Sentries were part of the Ranger Sentry army which defended Lord Drakkon's tower in the World of the Coinless in a final battle against the Power Rangers. They were fought by a pair of Wolf Rangers consisting of Merrick Baliton of Wild Force and Robert James of Jungle Fury. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 30


Silver Space Sentries are the air support division who use rapid speed to bombard enemy targets with hails of blaster fire. Their power is drawn from Zhane's stolen Digimorpher.

  • Jetpacks: Silver Space Sentries are equipped with high propulsion jetpacks that give them flight, as well as enhancing speed and agility in the air during flight. This makes them difficult to hit as even Megazords have trouble dealing with them.
  • Unnamed Twin Energy Blasters: Each Silver Space Sentry is equipped with a pair of high powered energy blasters that can cause devastating explosions to destroy targets. These blasters are evil versions of the Super Silverizer in Gun Mode.

Behind the Scenes


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