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"Well, howdy! I'm thirstier than a snail slithering in sawdust!"
―Silver Horns’ first words upon being created.[src]

―Silver Horn’s catchphrase he drops in random sentences because Texas.[src]

"What’s buggin’ ya Power Puffs? Could it be my bug bomb?"
―Silver Horns when confronted by the Power Rangers.[src]

"The Ball's in my court!"
―Silver Horns before using Lord Zedd’s Growth Bomb.[src]

"Yeehaw! I'm as happy as a wolf in a house full of hens!"
―Silver Horns upon being enlarged.[src]

"The sheriff has a deputy?! No posse’s gonna get me! Take this! Yehaw!"
―Silver Horns when confronted by the White Tigerzord Warrior Mode and blasting it with fire as well as his final words before his destruction.[src]

Silver Horns was a tick monster who served as the main antagonist of the second part of the two-part episode "The Power Transfer.”


After the Power Rangers retrieve the Sword of Light, Serpentera travels too slowly to Earth for Lord Zedd’s liking. As such, Zedd creates Silver Horns out of thin air to attack the Earth. Silver Horns was a very laidback and flamboyant monster with a thick Texan accent and stereotypical southern American vocabulary. Powers wise, Silver Horns attacks with beams from his horns and eyes, as well as fire.  

Silver Horns attacks the Park and encounters the new team of Power Rangers (with Rocky DeSantos, Adam Park, and Aisha Campbell having joined the team whilst the others attend a Peace Conference in Switzerland). The Power Rangers were ready to destroy him but he blasted them down with a laser blast as a team and then individually before creating Putties to finish them off.

After they are defeated, Zedd enlarges Silver Horns who Rocky has to battle alone in the Red Dragon Thunderzord since the others have to prepare for the eventuality of Serpentera’s arrival. Although the very first blow against Silver Horns immediately after its transformation, they grapple before the Red Dragon throws him off and he delivers a beatdown with his claws. and backhands the Red Dragon away for several miles. The Red Dragon tries to use its staff but Silver Horns shrugs off multiple slashes and retaliates. The Red Dragon’s spinning staff kick stuns Silver Horn and allows the the Red Dragon to perform its finisher.

This fails to scratch the monster which forces Tommy to aid Rocky with the White Tigerzord in Warrior Mode. Enraged, Silver Horns smashes a mountain to bombard them with rocks but they barely make the Zords stumble so he blasts them with lightning and then fire. The Zords are unaffected, so Tommy summons Tor and calls upon the other Power Rangers to bring the monster down.

The other Rangers summon the four remaining Thunderzords and form the Thunder Ultrazord to defeat Silver Horns.

The Red Dragon flies it into the air with its staff and then stops spinning it which point the Thunder Ultrazord plummets out of the sky, crushing Silver Horns to death as it lands right on top of him.


Silver Horns had a very thick Texan accent, speaking very much like a cowboy.

Powers and Abilities


  • Life Force absorbtion According to Lord Zedd, Silver Horns could steal the lifeforce out of humans. How he would have done this is unclear.
  • Lightning Emitting: Silver Horns was seen with green lightning spreading from the horns across his body when he met the Power Rangers.
  • ”Bug Bomb”: Silver Horns’ opening attack on the Power Rangers was throwing his right arm forward and throwing a baseball shaped red laser that then turned into spread of yellow lightning capable of taking down all six of the Rangers down with one hit.
    • Putty Creation-Silver Horns was able to create Zedd’s Putty Patrollers by firing his “bug bombs” off into some distant trees.
  • Lightning Blasts: Silver Horns’ signature attack where he could make his eye turn white and then fire red-blue-yellowy lightning from the claws, horns and spikes jutting from his body. One blast knocked back the Red Dragon Warrior Mode and White Tigerzord with one hit.


  • Strength: Silver Horns was one of the physically strongest monsters of Season 2, being able to send the Red Dragon Thunderzord flying with a single backhand strike and smashing a mountain into rubble with one swing.
  • Durability: Silver Horns has very thick, armor-like skin that allowed him to take multiple strikes from the Red Dragon Thunderzord's staff and be completely unaffected.


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  • Claws: Silver Horns lacked any real weapons but had massive hands covered in razor sharp claws to hack and slash his enemies with.

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