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"Oh no. My Silver Heat Device..."
―Silver Heat Mask's final words before his death[src]

Silver Heat Mask.

concept art

Silver Heat Mask (銀熱仮面 Gin Netsu Kamen) is a Black Cross Army Masked Monster.

Character History

Silver Heat Mask's scheme involved using his Silver Heat Power combined with a device to burn Tokyo in example of an ultimate scheme of the Black Cross Army to destroy the world. While the Gorengers pursue him due to his danger, he ends up capturing Yoko Kato, unknowing initially that she is EAGLE Agent 007 (who assists the Gorengers) as well as her little brother Taro. Upon his instructions, Yoko draws out the Gorengers where the Black Cross attack the team, hurting Akira in the process but allowing for her freedom while her brother remains a hostage and he continues to use the device to burn up Tokyo.

Yoko returns with a bomb in hopes of sacrificing herself to eliminate Silver Heat Mask and save her brother, but Tsuyoshi prevents her from using it on him. The duo infiltrate and draw out Silver Heat Mask, save Taro and ultimately the Gorengers take him out with the Gorenger Storm. Ep. 12: Super Energy of Silver! Burning Hell

Modus and Arsenal

His head resembles that of a common house fly. While he carries a net gun, he also has a powerful "Silver Heat Power" from his eyes, which can burn through anything. He can also jump high and teleport.


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