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The Silver Guardians

The Silver Guardians are a government law enforcement organization in Power Rangers Time Force.


The Silver Guardians were established by Mr. Collins to stop crime in Silver Hills and to make money from the people they helped. The first time they appeared, the Silver Guardians stopped Nadira and Cyclobots from robbing a shop, with the Power Rangers witnessing it. They protected Silver Hills from Ransik's mutants and held a tenuous relationship with the Time Force Rangers. The Silver Guardians consist of thirty-fourty men and are armed with hand blasters. Their equipment also includes heavy blaster installations, radars and special vehicles. Eric was also a soldier of the team, but slowly became the leader. The guardians fought a mutant named Univolt in their debut episode and the leader of Silver Guardians was heavily injured. Because the original leader was badly wounded, Mr. Collins was in need of a new one for them. Mr. Collins proposed his son to become the leader of the Silver Guardians, telling Wes to unite the Time Force Rangers with the Silver Guardians and they would be able to fight Ransik and his mutants more effectively together and make a lot of money from it. But Wes refused and disappointed his father, telling him that he was interested only in justice and not money. Collins was disappointed by his son's answer and tried to understand Wes but couldn't. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Worlds Apart

In the thirteenth episode, the Guardians tried to stop the mutant Brickneck from stealing the Quantum Morpher from an excavation site. The Rangers also arrived, but even together they couldn't stop the mutant. Eric stole the box with the Quantum Morpher and escaped. Eric requested Collins to make him the leader of Guardians, as he was familiar with Wes and the rangers, but Collins refused, for the obvious reason, because he wasn't impressed at all by Eric, considering him an ordinary and simple soldier. Eric knew that he had to impress Collins to become the leader. Eric soon obtained the Quantum Morpher and became the Quantum Ranger in this episode. Eric defeated the mutant, but it wasn't enough to get him to lead the Guardians.Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Quantum Quest

Eric was able to win the position by gaining control of the Quantasaurus Rex. This time, Eric impressed Mr. Collins and finally became the leader of the Guardians. Mr. Collins offered Jen, Lucas, Trip and Katie to join the Silver Guardians and unite the Rangers and Guardians teams with Eric as their leader. But the rangers refused, heavily disappointing Mr. Collins and somewhat angering Eric. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Clash for Control

The Silver Guardians slowly became allies of the Rangers and united against Ransik and his forces. Only with time the Silver Guardians learned to help everybody and not only the ones who can pay. Initially, the Silver Guardians protected only the buildings and organizations of the individuals who could pay, but with time they started to protect people and help the Rangers freely. In "Frax's Fury", they helped distribute the quickly reproduced serum to Venomark's bite to cure everyone he bit.

When Ransik began his final attack on Silver Hills, the Silver Guardians worked to get the civilians to safety. Following Ransik's surrender, Wes became the new leader of the Silver Guardians with Eric being second-in-command and Wes' partner, and the Silver Guardians became a non-profit agency per his wishes, with the Silver Guardians being the only ones getting paid by Mr. Collins. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The End of Time

The Silver Guardians also appeared in the Power Rangers Wild Force two-part episode "Reinforcements from the Future", where the Silver Guardians under the command of Wes and Eric confront the Mut-Orgs attacking Turtle Cove.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Reinforcements from the Future


The Silver Guardians are armed with hand blasters that can effectively take down Cyclobots. Their equipment also includes heavy blaster installations, radars and special jeeps.


The Silver Guardians Uniforms consisted of Blue Jumpsuits, Blue Baseball Caps, Black Boots, Black Gloves and A Red Beret for the commander.

Known Members


  • The Silver Guardians were one of the few non-Ranger groups with enough technology to defeat a villain's foot soldiers (in this case, the Cyclobots).
  • The Silver Guardian troops seem to be evenly matched with Ransik s Cyclobots in both ranged an hand-to-hand combat because both of them can be taken down with little effort.
  • Mr. Collins offered Jen, Trip, Katie, and Lucas to become Silver Guardians but they refused.

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