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The Silver Guardians

The Silver Guardians are a law enforcement organization in Power Rangers Time Force.


The Silver Guardians were established by Mr. Collins to stop crime in Silver Hills and to make a profit from the people they helped. They protected Silver Hills from Ransik's mutants and held a tenuous relationship with the Time Force Rangers. After the original leader of the Silver Guardians was badly wounded, Mr. Collins is need of a new leader for the Silver Guardians.Worlds Apart

Eric was able to win the position by gaining control of the Quantasaurus Rex.Clash for Control

When Ransik began his final attack on Silver Hills, the Silver Guardians worked to get the civilians to safety. Following Ransik's surrender, Wesley Collins became the new leader of the Silver Guardians with Eric being second-in-command and Wes' partner, and the Silver Guardians became a non-profit agency per his wishes.The End of Time

The Silver Guardians also appeared in the Power Rangers Wild Force two-part episode "Reinforcements from the Future", where the Silver Guardians under the command of Wes and Eric confront the Mut-Orgs attacking Turtle Cove.Reinforcements from the Future

Known Members


  • The Silver Guardians were one of the few non-Ranger groups with enough technology to defeat a villain's foot soldiers (in this case, the Cyclobots).
  • Mr. Collins offered Jen, Trip, Katie, and Lucas to become Silver Guardians but they refused.

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