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Silence is Golden is the thirty-fifth episode of Power Rangers In Space. It is the fifth episode of the Psycho Ranger arc.


The remaining three Psycho Rangers search all of Angel Grove for the Power Rangers by listening out for their voice patterns. Cassie is in town, and must remain quiet to avoid being found.


With Psycho Pink and Psycho Blue destroyed, the Rangers know that there are only three Psycho Rangers left, but even then, both Andros and T.J. know it will not get any easier. Carlos says that there is no sign of the Psycho Rangers, and Andros feels it is the calm before the storm. Meanwhile, Cassie and Ashley are out shopping at an Angel Grove shopping district, with the former sneezing from allergies.

On the Dark Fortress, the three remaining Psycho Rangers watch old fight footage of their counterparts, downloading their voices so they could still find them even in their civilian disguises. Astronema orders them to bring the Rangers to her alive, but even though Psycho Yellow comments how hard that will be with only three of them left, Astronema reminds them that they can still capture them without their knowledge of who they are. With that, the Psycho Rangers teleport away. Ecliptor feels that Psycho Rangers should just destroy the Power Rangers, but Astronema wants them to keep active as Dark Spector’s powers continue to weaken the more the Psycho Rangers fight.

The Psycho Rangers arrive at the shopping district and disguise themselves as humans, walking around to find their counterparts based on their voices. They hear Ashley speaking in a phone booth and go after her, but they miss Ashley by just a second, confronting a random bystander in the phone booth by mistake. As the Psycho Rangers continue their search, Ashley, who overheard them from a nearby alley, runs off.

Ashley returns to the Megaship and warns the others about the Psycho Rangers being in the shopping district, including the part about learning what their voices are. Because of that, they cannot warn Cassie through the Astro Morphers, but Andros warns her though her pager, telling her not to talk until she can get to safety. Cassie begins to head out of the shopping district, trying her best not to talk to anybody along the way and keeping her allergies under control. Suddenly, Cassie sees a baby carriage begin to roll down a staircase, and is forced to call out to the mother to stop it. Unfortunately, the Psycho Rangers pick up on Cassie’s voice and begin to go after her.

The Psycho Rangers confront Cassie in an alleyway, taunting her into talking before a clown suddenly appears. It turns out that the clown is Zhane in disguise as he runs off, and then, the Psycho Rangers hear Cassie’s voice coming from the direction Zhane ran off to. However, they are led away by Zhane on his Astro Cycle as the rest of the Rangers regroup with Cassie, who is relieved to see them.

The Psycho Rangers arrive at the factory district where the Rangers are waiting for them, and they fight. Unlike the previous times, the Psycho Rangers get overwhelmed as each of them gets double teamed by two at a time. The Rangers strike the Psycho Rangers with their individual weapons, forcing the trio to change into their monster forms and grow giant size.

The Rangers summon the Mega Voyager to take on the Psycho Rangers but are quickly overpowered as its a 1-3 disadvantage for them with Psycho Red and Yellow restraining the Megazord as Psycho Black hits them. Fortunately, Zhane arrives in the Mega Winger and uses the Battlizer to summon the Delta Megazord, making it a fair 3-3 fight. The three Megazords fire their weapons at the Psycho Rangers, making the Rangers believe that they finally destroyed them. However, it's not the case as Psycho Black restrains the Mega Voyager as his teammates hold of the other Megazords from helping it. As Psycho Black drags the Mega Voyager into a vortex, the Rangers try their best to break free from his grasp. Unfortunately, it's clear that doing so is a lost cause, and the Rangers realize the terrible truth; they must abandon the Mega Voyager, or else they will become Astronema’s prisoners. Andros refuses to leave the Mega Voyager, so Carlos knocks him out with a karate chop as they jump out of the Mega Voyager, seeing it dragged into the vortex to who knows where, as the Psycho Rangers leave.

Dark Spector tells Astronema that more of his powers have been drained, and orders her to find the cause of it soon or else he will perish. Astronema claims that she is looking into it. With the Mega Voyager in their possession, Astronema knows that the Rangers will be looking for it, and tells the Psycho Rangers a plan that will finish them off for good. Meanwhile, the Rangers start a search for the Mega Voyager.




  • Presumably, the Psycho Rangers were tracking down all of the Rangers' voice patterns, but yet failed to recognize Zhane's voice when he came to Cassie's rescue. This was different as Zhane's Sentai Counterpart was easily recognized.


  • The human forms of Psychos RedBlack and Yellow were all played by their voice actors.
  • When the Psycho Rangers find Cassie, they were getting surprisingly close to her body. It almost looked like they wanted to harass her.

VHS/DVD releases

  • Silence is Golden was released on Power Rangers In Space (VHS). The scene where Cassie accidentally bumps into a man and gives him a flower as an act of apology was removed.

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