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Sigtarou and Sigue

Sigtarou with Sigue.

Sigtarou (シグタロウ Shigutarō, 2728, 3536, 44, 48) is Signalman's son who lives back on the planet Police with his mother, Sigue.


A homage to Sigue and Sigtarou appears in episode 11 of Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger: Season Two, when Delu-Knight mentions returning to his wife and son, Delue and Delutarou in his death flag phrase.

Behind the scenes


Sigtarou was voiced by Yuki Sawada (沢田 雄希 Sawada Yūki) and Hiromasa Ikegami (池上 央将 Ikegami Hiromasa).


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