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"Huh? I'm exposed. I'm outta here!"
―Signal Org's first words

"My last words....You can cross the street when the light turns green."
―Signal Org's final words before his initial demise
"Signal Org has revived!"
―Signal Org's first words being enlarged

An Org Spirit acquiring a signal light in Higahiku, Signal Org can use three beam attacks: Green for memory-erasing, Yellow for slow-mo, and Red for explosive attacks. Signal Org was causing traffic accidents until he blew his cover in front of Kakeru and Sae and ran for it, until the Org wipes out Kakeru's memory. In spite of memory loss, GaoRed managed to wound Signal Org using the Hyakujuuken on his own before killing the Org, restoring his memory as a result. TsueTsue then revives Signal Org, who is destroyed by GaoKing Spear.

Briefly revived in Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai, but was killed for good by GoYellow's V-Slash.



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