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Sigh Bōma (タメイキボーマ Tameiki Bōma) is a witch-theme member of the Hundred Boma Tribes under Princess Boma Jarmin


Sigh Boma was set up in a fortune telling shop in Harajuku where she and Jarmin found women in love through their fortune telling, then hit them with a gas to weaken them to their emotions, seeing that by destroying females and love, it would be enough to break down society. Haruna ends up learning of the scheme when a friend visits the Boma fortune teller and becomes weakened by the attack. With Seelon suspecting that she was Sigh Boma, the fairy joins Haruna in investigating the stand, only to see Miss Yamaguchi likewise fall for the Boma Beast's ability. Seelon and Haruna expose Sigh Boma and Jarmin's scheme, but she escapes to aggravate the plan further by attacking weddings. Pink Turbo and the male Turboranger begin to counterattack by blending in at multiple wedding chapels to expose Sigh Boma when she attacked, ultimately with Haruna destroying the Boma Beast's broom and attacking her with her V Stick's Stick Boomerang before destroying her with Plasma Shoot. After Jarmin grows her, she is quickly disposed of with Turbo Robo.


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Powers and Abilities


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Her main ability is the distribution of a gas which, when it hits a victim in love, aggravates the love in their heart, making them sigh uncontrollably and thus weakening them to the feelings within themselves. She also can cast projectile attacks from a wand and fly around on a broom.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Sigh Boma is one of several Boma seen within Seelon's "Boma book" in episode 41


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