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"My archnemesis! I will now demonstrate my ultimate power as my sole inheritor...of the Ono School of Ninpo!"
―First words after being turned into a Hitotsuki[src]

"My eyes...my eyes! It hurts!"
―Shurikenki's final words before being turned back to normal[src]

Shurikenki (手裏剣鬼 Shurikenki, lit. Shuriken Demon) is a ninja-themed Hitotsuki in Avataro Sentai Donbrothers, possessing a Ninninger Avataro Gear. He was originally Minoru Ono (大野稔 Ōno Minoru), who tried to fulfill his desire to show off his ninpou.


Minoru Ono is doing some ninja training, when Taro arrives with a package for him. Taro explains he tried reaching Mr. Ono’s house first, but his neighbors said to find him out at the training grounds. Mr. Ono excitedly opens his package, revealing a kusarigama inside. Taro tells him he can help if he needs it, to which Minoru wants him to help train in the way of the ninja by challenging Taro to a duel. Taro isn’t sure what he means as Minoru tries to throw the kusarigama at him. Taro effortlessly dodges as the chain falls the ground and using only his feet, disarms the kusarigama away from Minoru. Taro, once again brutal with his honesty, says it is fine to “play ninja” but one must not lose their tools. As he walks away, Minoru takes offense to Taro’s words and begins to get angry

Later, Minoru is still fuming over Taro’s comment about him “playing ninja”, vowing to get revenge on the Taro for insulting him and his ninja path of training. This desire causes Shurikenki's aura to emerge from Minoru’s body.

Elsewhere in the city, Taro is making his rounds and heads back to his van, only for a flying shuriken to be blocked from hitting Taro’s head by Taro using his clipboard. Minoru appears and declares Taro his enemy, promising to show the man who insulted “Ono School style ninpo” the full extent of his power. Minoru becomes Shurikenki, but Taro insults him again by saying that now Minoru just thinks he is a real ninja. Taro then Avatar Changes into Don Momotaro and the two fight.

During the battle, the three Donbrothers then appear on the battlefield, with Kiji Brother stepping on caltrops that Shurikenki threw without watching where he was walking. Don Momotaro says Shurikenki is only after him and he will be fine on his own. Haruka and Shinichi trust that their leader will be alright and deactivate their transformations to teleport back and check on Tsubasa.

While Haruka and Shinichi were gone, Don Momotaro is battling Shurikenki and the Anoni, but despite his efforts he is slipping up as Shurikenki manages to hit him with a thrown shuriken. Haruka and Shinichi return to the battle to assist Don Momotaro with the Anoni. The latter asks about Tsubasa, to which the two reassured him he is in good care. Shinichi recites a haiku about summer colds as he beats up the Anoni. But Haruka was knocked by Kiji Brother, as he stumbles in upon teleportation due to him spilling water from some stock that Shinichi left boiling in a pot before he and Haruka teleported into battle. She angrily tells him to watch where he is going and Shinichi uses him as a “pheasant shuriken”, tossing him to destroy the wave of Anoni heading towards them. Satisfied, the two decide to check on the stock they had left boiling as five minutes have passed. They demorph again and leave Don Momotaro alone in battle again.

As the battle goes on, Don Momotaro is getting a little tired as he takes more damage than usual. Shurikenki uses a clone technique and barrages Don Momotaro with multiple giant shuriken, which he evaded and blocks until one hits him and then Shurikenki tosses him into some barrels. Shinichi and Haruka teleport in and fires shots from their Donbrothers blasters long enough for Don Momotaro to get up, who guesses now he owes them for saving his life. The battle turns in Shurikenki’s favor as his attacks become more aggressive and his clones overwhelm the Ranger trio. Tsuyoshi teleports in, with his transformed helmet lodging the wash basin of salt on his head. Upon seeing the wash basin, Shinichi and Haruka find out that Tsuyoshi is Kiji Brother. Upon mentioning the wash basin aloud as they talk, Tsuyoshi figures out that Oni Sister and Saru Brother are Haruka and Shinchi.

During the fight, one of Shurikenki’s clones accidentally knocks over the salt Tsuyoshi is carrying on his head, which gets in the real Shurikenki’s eyes. Inu Brother appears and accidentally flying kicks Tsuyoshi when Shurikenki unintentionally ducked, causing the salt to go into the air and get in the eyes of all the clones and blind them. Haruka is thankful that their suits have sunglasses to protect them from the salt.

Tsubasa tries to lead the charge of his comrades, to the chagrin of Don Momotaro as they assume their Robotaro forms and make quick work to defeat Shurikenki’s clones and Don Robotaro defeats Shurikenki himself with the Avatar Photon Slash. Now freed from the Hitotsuki, Minoru wakes up at his training grounds, confused as to what happened.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Don 11: The Dog Gets Sunstroke


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Powers and Abilities


  • Shadow Cloning Technique: Shurikenki is able to create up to four clones of himself.


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  • Salt: Shurikenki can be temporarily blinded if salt is thrown in his eyes.


  • Shuriken: Shurikenki is armed with a shuriken stored on his torso for combat.
  • Makibishi: Shurikenki is armed with iron makibishi for defense.
  • Kasaninger Shuriken (カサニンジャーシュリケン Kasaninjā Shuriken): Shurikenki is armed with a shuriken-style hat, which he can remove to use in combat.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Shurikenki is based on a shuriken. He also possesses a large shuriken on his head which references Shurikenjin and the shape of the shuriken references Akaninger's visor/personal Nin Shuriken shape.





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