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Shunsuke Kishimoto (岸本俊介 Kishimoto Shunsuke) is a teacher who rivals Gouki for the heart of Suzuko Mizusawa

Character History

Shunsuke is a teacher who encountered Suzuko during a teaching conference; since he had become smitten by her and wanted to win her heart; however due to Gouki already pursuing her, he kept coming across multiple perils in trying to win her over. Ultimately he became distraught when he believed that Suzuko chose Gouki over him, despite her only claiming she wanted him as long as he continued his function as a member of Gingaman and not pursue her in a more romantic fashion.Chapter 35: Gouki's Choice

Some time later, Shunsuke decided to try and assist Gouki, believing that he had an important lesson to teach him in being kind and strong in order to be a better person. Despite his attempts to try and be better than GingaBlue in this manner, he kept failing in all accounts. Ultimately he assisted Gouki in holding up his Beast Attack Rod to destroy a barrier protecting a site used by the Balban in an attempt to grow the Earth Demon-Beast with Hyper Growth Extract after GingaBlue hurts his arm trying to destroy the barrier on his own.Chapter 44: The Demon-Beast of the Earth


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Behind the Scenes

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