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Shunpei Kirino (桐野俊平 Kirino Shunpei) is a former soldier of the United Airforce two years prior to the Ohranger.

Character History

Serving as a lieutenant working alongside Chief Counsellor Naoyuki Miura during his development of the Super-Power weapons to fight against the potential threat of invasion, Kirino discovers from a photo taken about the potential early invasion of the Machine Empire Baranoia from a photo taken on Earth. Based on the photo and ambitious to stop their attack prior to an all-out assault, he takes control of Red Puncher, an early Super-Power mecha devised by Miura, to fight against them. However at that time, Super-Power had only been known to the U.A. for a year and had not been developed to its full potential, including the power within Red Puncher. When Kirino tried to use this early mecha without the fully developed power source, it starts rampaging out of control, ultimately throwing him off a cliff to his death before becoming buried in rubble where it remained untouched.

After Gorou Hoshino decides to tame Red Puncher for the Ohranger two years later and has some initial problems with it, Kirino's ghost appears to him to help him understand the power within the mecha as the power of nature; the encounter allows for the Super-Power ruins beneath the U.A.O.H. base to align with Red Puncher and make it usable, completing the deceased lieutenant's mission and allowing him to rest in peace.


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Behind the Scenes

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