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Shrinking Target is a comic story based on Power Rangers Dino Thunder, which was printed as part of the 7th issue of Egmont's UK Power Rangers Magazine.[1]

Continuity and Placement



The Dino Rangers check out reports of giant footprints at the canyon only to find a giant alligator. As the Rangers wonder how to defeat it, a beam of light shrinks it to normal size. The Rangers look up and find Elsa with a monster named Minimax, Elsa tells him to shrink the Rangers and he turns them into real-life action figures. Later, the White Ranger shows up looking for his friends but Elsa has already taken them back to Mesogog's lair. Elsa also wants the Ranger's Raptor Cycles so she sends three Tyrannodrones to get them, but they run into the White Ranger who defeats all three of them and then rides his Dino ATV through the invisiportal. Minimax tries to shrink him but he deflects his beam back at him which destroys Minimax and frees the rangers, leaving them all to jump back through the invisiportal.[2]




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