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""The shower scene in a scary movie is the best shower! This is my last shower!""
―Shower Banki's final words her destruction[src]

Shower Banki (シャワーバンキ Shawā Banki): A shower Savage Water Barbaric Machine Beast who ends her sentences with the word "Shower" in English. Kegalesia gives her special liquids to melt everything around her. Although the first solution results in failure due to Kegalesia has mixed up the recipe, the liquid has a unforeseen side effect that freezes any male exposed to it, within 30 minutes. Once aware of this, Kegalesia sends Shower Banki to eliminate the male Go-ongers after giving her the correct acid solution. However, Saki, Miu, and Bearrv managed to outwit and best her. By the time she grows, the male Go-ongers arrive and GunBir-Oh Jetras and Seiku-Oh Gunpherd destroys her.


concept art


  • Shower Banki was never adapted into Power Rangers RPM. The reason for this is likely that she spent a lot of time around Kegalesia (a blatantly Japanese woman, and whose costume weren't adapted for Power Rangers RPM), the water faucet on Shower Banki's breasts that were used as nipples, and the unmorphed male Go-Ongers, as well as her overall suggestive appearance along with sexy girl persona.
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