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Shougo Kawasaki (川崎省吾 Kawasaki Shōgo) is a recurring character in Denji Sentai Megaranger.

Character History

Kawasaki is a technician for the International Network of Excel-Science and Technology (I.N.E.T.). His assignment is the maintenance and upkeep of the mecha used by the Megaranger, with his pride and joy being the Delta Mega built by him and programmed by his father. Shougo had a strained relationship with his father Prof. Kawasaki, having dropped out of High School to work for I.N.E.T. rather than attend the college where the elder Kawasaki taught, which was made even worse when his father refused to hand over Delta Mega's programming unless Shougo resigned.  With the help of Kenta (MegaRed) Shougo and his father reconciled and he was permitted to stay on as the mechas' chief technician where he continued to work on new means of utilizing the fusion of the two mechas.Ep. 20: Count on it! The New Robo, Delta Mega

Later on, Shougo traveled to Earth to give the Megarangers the command program for Super Galaxy Mega's new finisher, The Big Bang Attack, but was seriously injured when a powered-up Guirail attacked the city.  During the Megaranger's desperate fight against Mad Guirail, Shougo made his way to the cockpit and convinced Kenta to use the Big Bang Attack despite to risk to the damaged Super Galaxy Mega.  Although the attack hit, it failed to beat Mad Guirail, who spawned the Nezire Beast Gigire from a piece of himself and continued his attack. As the Megarangers were retreated to I.N.E.T.'s moonbase to retrieve the Voyager Machines from Yuusaku Hayakawa's "Space Mega Project," Shougo was forced to pilot the heavily damaged Galaxy Mega and was able to hold off Mad Guirail long enough for the Megarangers to return with the Mega Voyager.Ep. 31: Stop it! Guirail's Reckless Run-Ep. 32: Is It the End!? Desperate Situation, Galaxy Mega

He has a girlfriend, who also works on I.N.E.T.'s moonbase developing the programming for the Battle Riser.Ep. 33: Cheerful! The Lover Who Came From the Moon

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