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"Victory is mine! Ha! In your face, losers! Do you know what happens when people lose a race to me? THIS! Ha! When I beat the Rangers, I'm going to add them to my trophy case!"
―Shoespike's first lines as he gloated to a group of Basherbots that he won a little race to Cosmo Royale then turned them into his own set of trophys.[src]

"Looks like I'm gonna be a very sore loser."
―Shoespike's final words before his initial defeat..[src]

"Looks like I'm gonna be making gains!"
―Shoespike's when gigantified.[src]

"What?! This is totally bogus!"
―Shoespike when confronted by the Ninja Fusion Zord.[src]

"Ah! Uh! I thought I was a shoe in to beat you!""
―Shoespike's final words before his death.[src]

Shoespike was a cyclops/running shoe-themed contestant of Galaxy Warriors and the main antagonist of the episode "Ace and the Race".


A track-and-field themed Galaxy Warriors contestant, any opponent who loses to Shoespike is transformed into a trophy as shown when he turns two Basherbots into trophies. Assuming a human form dubbed Bob Shoespike, he places a spell of competitiveness on Brody and Levi so that they will race him without question and be too busy fighting each other to cooperate. Calvin, not present during his initial attack as he was out helping Ace fix his car and so spared from the spell, is able to take charge and get them to come together and beat him in a three-legged race, restoring the other Rangers and townspeople trapped in trophy form. When the Rangers morph into battle, they manage to beat him with the Red Ranger's Steel Slash Final Attack and the Gold Ranger's Ninja Lighting Final Attack. After being gigantified, Shoespike's speed makes him a formidable opponent, causing a lot of trouble for the separate Zords but is stabbed in the backside by the Nitro Zord's Spike Launch and thus crippled. In the end, Shoespike is no match for the Ninja Fusion Zord and is defeated by the Ninja Fusion Master Slash Final Attack.


Shoespike was shown to be very competitive, arrogant, and always wanted to win. He also liked to cheat in competitions in order to win as shown during the three legged race he used two Basherbot dummies as his helpers and set traps so the Rangers wouldn't win.

Powers and Abilities


  • Human Form: Shoespike could transform into a human named Bob Shoespike.
  • Trophy Conversion: Whenever Shoespike finished first, everyone who finished after him would be instantly turned into a trophy. The spell wore off when Shoespike lost a race.


  • Super Speed: Shoespike was revealed to be a really fast runner and could run at incredible speeds.
    • Quick Attack: Shoespike could use his super speed for power and run so fast that he could run by his enemies and damage them, as shown when he did battle with the Robo Red Zord and the Bull Rider Zord.
  • Strength: Despite his appearances, Shoespike is shown to have great deal of strength, being able to hurl a huge metal ball and toss it with ease.
  • Basherbot Summoning: Shoespike could summon a Basherbot to aid him in a race or an army of Basherbots to aid him in battle.


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  • Fists-Shoespike had no weapons of his own by default but was very strong and capable with his fists.
  • Magic Baton: Shoespike carried a magic baton that whoever touches it lets their competitiveness run wild, as well as cause them to cheat and act like total jerks to their friends. Brody and Levi both touched it and eventually went to the point where they fought each other so either one could win. The spell wore off after Shoespike lost a race.
  • Land Mines: Shoespike could set up land mines in racing courses.
  • Metal Sphere: Shoespike could carry a huge metal sphere to toss at people.

Behind the Scenes


  • Shoespike was voiced by Rowan Bettjeman using a faux-Schwarzenegger accent and was portrayed by Jacob Dale as Bob Shoespike.


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  • Shoespike was the first monster of the week that the Ninja Fusion Zord destroyed, the only one in just Ninja Steel, and one of only three overall. The others were Spyclops and Speedwing.


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