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"What are we waiting for!? Give me the juice. I'm ready to redirect energy! Ka-pow!"
―Shockatron's first words.[src]

―Shockatron's last words before his death.[src]

Shockatron is a "cotton candy machine"-themed Robotron in Power Rangers Beast Morphers

Shockatron is the final Robotron created prior to the destruction of Evox's initial conquest.

Character History

Shockatron was sent to Earth at the same time that Shockadrone was deployed as part of Vargoyle's plan to distract the Rangers while he put his Memory Pulsator in place. Devon, Ravi, and Zoey intercepted Shockatron in the park. When they attempted to use their Beast-X Blasters against Shockatron, he used his sticks to catch the energy bolts and redirect them at the Rangers. The Rangers then switched to their Beast-X Sabers and engaged in melee combat with Shockatron. Devon later left the fight to help Nate and Steel battle Shockadrone. Zoey and Ravi eventually defeated Shockatron, with Ravi using his energized saber to deliver the final blow.

Although both Shockatron and Shockadrone were destroyed, Vargoyle succeeded in planting the Memory Pulsator on the Channel 10 TV station's transmitter tower.


Shockatron is a very aggressive and excitable Robotron. He also doesn't like being called a "light bulb".

Powers and Abilities

  • Energy Redirection: Shockatron can catch energy blasts with its sticks and send them back at his enemies.
  • Agility: He was able to dodge two of devons beast x blasts.


  • Cotton Candy Sticks: Shockatron carries a massive rod in each hand that it can use as both clubs, and to catch and redirect energy blasts.
  • Strength: He managed to best all three rangers in battle.

Behind the Scenes



  • He is the fifth Robotron to be created off-screen, there for the object from his creation is unknown.
    • However judging from his namesake to his reaction of being called a light bulb would imply that he might've been created from another type of electronic device.
      • It is probably an energy generator considering how his powers are electricity themed.
  • In Go-Busters, Wataameloid was created from a cotton candy machine, hence his design inspiration.
    • Since all the suits were remained, his suit features lightbulbs coming off of him-which is a major difference between the Japan and US versions of the suits
  • He is the only Robotron to be created by Vargoyle.

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