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"Good morning! (....) Good greeting! I am lecturer, Shirubegami."
―Shirubegami's first words[src]
"That is endless Bouken Spirits?"
―Shirubegami's final words before his death[src]
"Hi! Shirubegami!"
―Shirubegami's first words being enlarged[src]

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Character History

Shirubegami (シルベガミ, Shirubegami, 32): Created from an old sextant and a new chalk, this Tsukumogami was the main professor of the mysterious Adventurer School. It was revealed later that what Dark Shadow really intends is to find an excellent adventurer in order to fulfill the sacrifice required to raise "The Ship of the Sky", a sailing ship Precious, that had sunk into the sea. He took five alumni (including Souta, Natsuki and the leftover Shimada) to raise them and obtain the Excellent Adventurer. However, his plans failed and after being destroyed by the Dual Crasher, he was made giant by Gekkou and defeated by DaiBouken and SirenBuilder's Flying Adventure Drive. When a pupil fails, Shirubegami applies his "Chalk Attack" in which he vigorously throws, instead of the soft calcium plaster chalks, calcium carbonate, extremely hard "attack chalks", with great precision.


As a teacher, Shirubegami is very strict and thorough, being intolerant of incompetence in his pupils. However, his true loyalty is with Dark Shadow, and shows no remorse in attempting to sacrifice his top students to obtain the Ship of the Sky.

Modus and Arsenal

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