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"Oh, What a nice sleep! Nice weather outside, too. Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who's the ugliest of them all? (....) That's right! it's me!"
―Shirouneri's first words
"The ugliest in the whole wide the yokai, Shirouneri! Raaaags!"
―Shirouneri's final words before his death
"Well then, I'll just become a giant!"
―Shirouneri's first words being enlarged

Shirouneri (シロウネリ 3, 4, Movie, 11 & 53) is a dust cloth Tsukumogami-type Youkai who is master of the Rag Revolt, Rag Conceal, Rag Mattress Roll, and Rag Dancing Ninpo.

Character History

Posing as a tattered-capped man (オンボロ帽の男 onboro bou no Otoko) in tacky clothes, Shirouneri lived in an abandoned factory with his rag collection and a magic mirror that he often asked if he is the most fashionable. But when the mirror mentioned that rags are out of season and newer clothes are in, Shirouneri shatters the mirror as he goes prove that everyone else's sense of fashion was wrong. Using his Ninja Art: Rag-a-Morphsis (忍法:ぼろヘンゲン Ninpō: Borohengen), Shirouneri turned numerous clothes into rags which had no worth to the people who desired them. His abilities expanded to the telekinitic control of any rag and turning his right forearm into a weapon. Shirouneri eventually abducted a girl Seikai fell for who was going to ruin his plan with recycling the rags into new clothes, capturing Seikai as well before the other Kakurangers save them. After being defeated by Kakure Shoot, Shirouneri enlarges before being destroyed by Muteki Shogun. Ep. 11: Rags are the Best!

Shirouneri reappeared, along with all the other defeated Youkai, within the Seal Door after their master Daimaou was finally contained there by the Kakurangers. Reeling that they were now powerless in captivity, the Youkai all vowed that they would one day be reborn and regain their power, cursing humanity. Final Ep.: Sealing!!


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Modus and Arsenal

  • Ninpo
    • Rag Revolt
    • Rag Conceal
    • Rag Mattress Roll
    • Rag Dancing



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Behind the Scenes

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