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"Kiramai Change!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

The Shiny Kiramai Changer (シャイニーキラメイチェンジャー Shainī Kiramei Chenjā) is the transformation device of Kiramai Silver.[1][2]


Created as emergency measures should the situation arise, the Shiny Kiramai Changer and the Shiny Breaker were to be used in the event of a planet-wide catastrophe. Unfortunately, they were taken by Takamichi Crystalia to aid him in his treasure hunting, leaving the Crystalia Kingdom to be taken over by Yodonheim.

Button Layout

Shiny Kiramai Changer (Buttons).jpg


―Transformation initiation announcement[src]

"(Rock music) Oh, Shiny!"
―Transformation sound[src]

"Kagayaku Noda!"
―Shining Kiramai Stone transformation initiation announcement[src]

"(Techno beat) Yahoo! (techno beat continues) Yahoo!"
―Shining Kiramai Stone transformation stand by announcement[src]

"(Rock music) Oh, Excellent!"
―Shining Kiramai Stone transformation sound[src]

To transform, Kiramai Silver presses the middle button, then shouts "Kiramai Change!" (キラメイチェンジ Kiramei Chenji), then spins the disc to transform. By lowering his visor and shout Wonder Change (ワンダーチェンジ Wandā Chenji) and then spins the disc again, he can transform into the Shining Kiramai Stone.


"Mashin Drijan!"
―Summoning initiation announcement[src]

To call his Mashin, Kiramai Silver presses the right button and then spins the disc. For his Mashin to transform, he spins the disc a second time.


"Mashin Henkei!"
―Combination initiation announcement[src]

―Combination announcement[src]

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"Kiramai Calling!"
―Communication initiation announcement[src]

To communicate with other Kiramagers, Kiramai Silver presses the left button and then spins the disc.

Search Mode

"Kiramai Searching!"
―Search Mode initiation announcement[src]

This mode allows Kiramei Silver to detect the energy of hidden treasures across the galaxy. It is activated by spinning the device's disc- without pressing any buttons.

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