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Shinobi Sorrow (しのび哀 Shinobi Ai) is a song sung by Ikkou accompanied by his group JUNRetsu.

Romanized Lyrics

Original Japanese lyrics Approximate translation into English

Anata to issho nara, shin demo iito

Honki desou omotta...itou shii hito

Ososugita, aa

deai ni yo o shinobu

Aa, sore demo futari wa



Moete, moete moete

Futari shinobi ai

"Koishikute, koishikute", kaze mo nariteru

Taete, taete, taete

Hitoyo kasanereba

Jyuunen, nante

shuutto, yuu ma no koto

If I’m together with you, I don’t mind dying

I truly thought so…my beloved

It’s too late to hide, oh~

our meeting from the world

Ah~ even so, the two of us are 



Burn, burn, burn on

Our shinobi sorrow

Even the wind is crying, ‟Love me, love me”

Endure, endure, enduring still

As the nights pass on

And even, 10 years

will pass by like a gust


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