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Shinobi 5: The Space Ninja UFOmaru! (宇宙忍者UFOマル! Uchū Ninja Yūfōmaru!) is the fifth episode of Shuriken Sentai Ninninger. It features the debut of UFOmaru and the Shurikenjin UFO combination.


Kasumi remember when she was about to be a scientist when she was as a child. The Ninningers must find a way of how to defeat Youkai Ungaikyo.


One day, a corrupted Sealing Shuriken infects a parabolic antenna, creating Youkai Ungaikyo. The Ninningers are alerted by his creation and hurry to his current location, only to witness him giving away balloons to some children. All of them are confused as to whether or not attack him and in the end, decide to take turns looking after him. Kasumi arrives late, as she had a lecture at her school. Her dream is to become a scientist after hearing of Yoshitaka Igasaki's ability to communicate with 30 alien languages as a child.

After all of the balloons have been delivered, Ungaikyo uses them in his illusion ability to create multiple giant Gengetsu Kibaoni clones. The clones attack the citizens, enabling Kyuemon Izayoi to collect their fear. AkaNinger and AoNinger summon their Otomo Nin, but both are malfunctioned by the Youkai. Using the Wood Technique to create a kite, AkaNinger pursue Ungaikyo in an aerial combat. One of his arrows targets a Gengetsu illusion, which hits one of Ungaikyo's balloon and simultaneously erases the fake Gengetsu. Realizing how it worked, Kasumi returns with a device which she uses to disrupt Ungaikyo's ability and destroy his balloons. As the other Ninningers unite, they weaken him with several techniques and finish him with the Simultaneous Ninja Violent Slash. A Sealing Shuriken later reacts and creates a new Nin Shuriken.

Raizo Gabi tries to challenge AkaNinger, but their fight is interrupted with Ungaikyo's revival. AkaNinger promises to fight him later and tries the new Otomo Nin Shuriken, but fails. The Ninningers summon their Otomo Nin and form Shurikenjin Drago to chase Ungaikyo, but their speed gradually decreases when almost reaching the atmosphere until a saucer Otomo Nin that AkaNinger summoned earlier comes to their aid and forms Shurikenjin UFO. Arriving on the moon, both giants fight which ends with Ungaikyo being destroyed by the Shurikenjin: UFO Big Bang.

Yoshitaka remembers that the Otomo Nins he built were actually made with cooperation by several aliens that contributed their technology. Kasumi reveals that she had already anticipated what Ungaikyo had planned, but refused to tell anyone as they didn't ask. Takaharu however has forgotten his promise to fight Raizo, who is currently waiting on the street.


Nin Shuriken

  • AkaNinger - AkaNinger (Ninja Strike), Shinobimaru, Goton (Wood Technique), Paon (Stretching Technique), AkaNinger (Ninja Flash), UFO (UFOmaru)
  • AoNinger - AoNinger (Ninja Strike), Dragomaru, Goton (Water Technique), AoNinger (Ninja Flash)
  • KiNinger - KiNinger (Ninja Strike), Goton (Earth Technique), KiNinger (Ninja Flash), Dumpmaru
  • ShiroNinger - ShiroNinger (Ninja Strike), Goton (Earth Technique), ShiroNinger (Ninja Flash), Wanmaru
  • MomoNinger - Goton (Wood Technique), MomoNinger (Ninja Flash), Byunmaru


Ninninger ep 5 cameraman in the visors

The cameraman is seen in the Rangers' visor.

  • A cameraman is visible in KiNinger's, ShiroNinger's and MomoNinger's visor when the team is checking the new Nin Shuriken.
  • Similar to the previous Otomo Nin, UFOmaru was named by Takaharu Igasaki. However, Yoshitaka also called it by this name, even though the team was still in space at that time. Although this could be easily resolved by the notion that Takaharu and his father are said to think similarly, an idea that could be extended to his grandfather as well.


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