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Shinobi 38: The Witch Girl Loves Yakumo? (魔女っ子は八雲がお好き? Majokko wa Yakumo ga Osuki?) is the thirty-eighth episode of Shuriken Sentai Ninninger. It features a guest appearance from Hiroya Matsumoto, reprising his role as Tsubasa Ozu/MagiYellow from Mahou Sentai Magiranger. It also marks the debut of AoNinger Chozetsu.


Elena, daughter of the headmaster at the magic school Yakumo attended, pays a visit. Apparently, Yakumo told her that he was the leader of a Magical Sentai, so Takaharu and the others decide to play along. Meanwhile, Yokai Amikiri, capable of cutting all important things, appears. The Ninningers decide to fight as Magic Sentai Magimagiger, with Yakumo as leader. However, on top of being discovered as a ninja, Yakumo can’t prevent Amikiri from kidnapping Elena.


Kasumi and Yakumo are approaching their 20th birthday and with it the Ninja Coming of Age Ceremony, a cermony that has been turned into a photo opportunity for families. Yakumo is trying to find an outfit that will best match his self-proclaimed title of "magic ninja" when he finds some people helplessly levitating in midair. This proves to be the work of Elena, a young student of magic from Yakumo's school who snuck away to visit him. Elena was under the impression that Yakumo had joined a magical Sentai rather than a ninjutsu-based sentai, and Yakumo convinces the others to help him convince her of such. The group redecorates the base and "train," though Kinji nearly blows their cover when he arrives late still in his ninja uniform. Elena spends the day sightseeing with Yakumo, but eventually she sees the catalog of ninja ceremonial outfits peeking out of his bag. Meanwhile at the Yokai castle, Ariake no Kata is hunched over in pain, leaving Tsugomori desperate to gather fear as quickly as possible.

Yokai Yamakiri arrives in the city and begins cutting things that are precious to various citizens. The Ninningers fight, with Yakumo using his magic to give them black capes so they can pose as "Mahou Sentai Magimagiger." After Yamakiri succeeds in snapping Yakumo's wand and Takaharu's Ichibantou in half, the others decide it's too dangerous to continue the charade and revert to openly using ninjustsu, causing Elena to find out Yakumo lied and run away. However, she's immediately caught by Yamakiri, who plans to cut her as the thing that's precious to Yakumo. However, Tsugomori instead makes Yakumo an offer; if he brings all six transformation shurikens to the canyon alone by tomorrow morning, she will be spared. The Yokai disappear, leaving Elena's wand.

That night, Yakumo grabs his sword and Elena's wand, planning to rescue her alone. However, he is caught by the other Ninningers and forced to explain his past with Elena. Before he left England, she had given him a letter asking him to marry her upon becoming a full-fledged mage; Yakumo couldn't figure out how to reject the proposal "as an Englishman," nor to see her dream crushed by finding out he was no longer a mage. This convinces thee other Ninningers to help him, with Takaharu reminding Yakumo what he had said when Takaharu tried fighting Gabi Raizou alone - when one of them is too weak to accomplish something alone, the others' should help them.

Yakumo arrives in the canyon the next morning with the Transformation Shurikens in a bag and several articles of clothing on top of his ninja uniform. He gives the bag to Tsugomori, who is about to kill Elena regardless when Yakumo reveals that each article of clothing was a Ninninger in disguise. Yakumo dual-wieldss Gangama guns to get close enough to Yamakiri and Tsugomori, rescuing Elena and recovering the shurikens. Yakumo asks for permission to use Elena's wand for the upcoming fight, explaining that he never gave up on magic and was instead using it in his quest to become the first magic ninja. The Ninningers transform, with Kinji loaning the Gekiatsuto to Takaharu. As the group fights, Tsubasa of the Magirangers catches up with Elena, having been assigned to track her down and get her back to England. Tsubasa tells Yakumo to use that opportunity to show him what a magic ninja can do. In response, Yakumo combines ninjutsu with lightning magic similar to Tsubasa's to create the Magical Lightning Rod no Jutsu. Impressed, Shishioh appears on Yakumo's wrist, who uses it to turn into Chozetsu Aoninger and finish the fight. Tsugomori leaves just as the giant battle begins, having received shocking news from a Jukkarage.

Back at the house, Tsubasa uses his MagiPhone to repair Yakumo's wand and Takaharu's Ichibantou. Yakumo explains that Tsubasa was one of his special instructors at the magical academy, though Tsubasa says the only thing he taught Yakumo about was the importance of courage. Yakumo confronts Elena about the old proposal note, but Elena says that it's no longer valid since she has a boyfriend now. However, she assures him that she liked his performance as a magical ninja. Tsubasa transforms into MagiYellow and summons his Sky Hoki for him and Elena to ride back to England. As they leave, Shishioh suggests that Yakumo wear the Chozetsu armor (unmorphed) Ninja Coming of Age Ceremony, an idea that everybody but him applauds.


Guest Stars

Nin Shuriken

AoNinger Chozetsu

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  • As part of Super Hero Time, this episode aired alongside Kamen Rider GhostIcon-crosswiki.png episode 7, Fast Shooting! Legendary Gunman!Icon-crosswiki.png.
  • Viewership: 4.1%
  • Sealing Shuriken purified: 32 out of 48
    • In Ninningers' possession: 31
    • In Kyuemon's possession: 1
  • Most fireworks in closing credits:
    • Blue: 5
    • Red: 4
    • Green: 4
    • Yellow: 2
  • With this episode, all 4 of the male Ninningers have used the Chozetsu Shoubu Changer to assume a Chozetsu form at least once.
    • Yakumo's transformation into Chozetsu outside of his AoNinger suit marks the second time that Shishi-Oh has humorously formed the Chozetsu armor on an untransformed human body, which he previously performed with Fuuka in episode 22. Yakumo's version notably diverges from Fuuka's in several ways, possessing the Chozetsu gauntlets, shinpads, and boots which Fuuka's version lacked, as well as wearing the Chozetsu headpiece as opposed to Fuuka who merely sported the lion crest as a hairclip. The Chozetsu armor's chest also bears the colored Ninninger insignia just as seen on a transformed Ninninger instead of the kanji for "Chozetsu (name)".

Mahou Sentai MagiMagiger

  • When the Ninningers are pretending to be the "Mahou Sentai MagiMagiger", they put on capes and do roll call poses similar to the actual Mahou Sentai.
  • This also brings back a running wordplay gag of Magi, the suffix of the word "magic" in Magiranger sounding like the Japanese slang word まじ maji (really seriously),  usually said by the villains.
  • When Elena is ready to go home, an instrumental version of the Magiranger opening can be heard.
  • Incidentally, this episode aired 2 days after the 10th anniversary of Magiranger's 38th episode.
    • In other note, Stage 38 was focused on Tsubasa himself.

Yakumo meets Masato Jin.

DVD/Blu-ray releases

Ninninger Volume 10, DVD cover

Shuriken Sentai Ninninger Volume 10 features episodes 37-40: Shinobi 37: Shuriken Legend ~The Road to Last Ninja~, Shinobi 38: The Witch Girl Loves Yakumo?, Shinobi 39: Kibaoni's Son, Mangetsu Appears! and Shinobi 40: Look Out For Santa Claus!

Ninninger Collection 4, Blu-ray cover

Blu-ray Collection 4 comes with 11 episodes.

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