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Shine (シャイン Shain) is the de facto leader of Criminal Organization Crime and Boss Iron Claw's superior. He is an Artificial Intelligence entity from the second Star of the Shine Galaxy. He attempted to use Crime to take over the Earth and created the super cyborg Great King Icarus to take control of Crime from Iron Claw and to battle J.A.K.Q.. He was later driven from Earth by J.A.K.Q. and Iron Claw. Debuts in Episode 23 in silhouette, but his true form is not revealed until the final episode.

Character History


Overseeing CRIME's operations from behind the scenes in space, Shine eventually made his descent to the Earth accompanied by a lightning storm which appeared above the Crime Fortress Island. Addressing Iron Claw, Shine announced that CRIME had finished raising its war funds and that the time to conquer the Earth had come at last. When Iron Claw noted the obstacle posed by J.A.K.Q., Shine demanded that J.A.K.Q. be destroyed along with ISSIS and anyone else that dared to oppose them before returning as soon as he came. Ep. 23: White Birdman! Big One

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