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The Shamazuzord is a Zord that is controlled by Shimazu. It was used in the penultimate episode of Power Rangers Ninja Storm "Down and Dirty".


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This Zord is bat-themed and aided the Kaprizord in battle (along with the Marahzord). It attacked the Storm Megazord and had the upper hand until Cam came in and unleashed the new Samurai Storm Megazord drones to give each Megazord a combination. It was destroyed by the Samurai Thunder Megazord, but it unleashed an electrical pulse that disabled the Samurai Star Chopper drone from the Thunder Megazord.

Powers and Abilities


  • Electrical Pulse: If destroyed, it can release a blue electric pulse that can disable a Zord.


  • Flight: The Shimazuzord can fly at high speed thanks to the wings on its arms.
    • Charging: The Shimazuzord can charge at its opponents while flying.
  • Head Bash: The Shimazuzord can also bash its opponents with its head.


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  • Claws: Being a bat-type Zord, it has clawed hands for combat.
    Shimazuzord Cockpit.jpg

Behind the Scenes


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  • According to Shimazu, the Megazord was meant for Vexacus.


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