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Shiho Ichinose (一ノ 瀬詩穂 Ichinose Shiho) is a close friend of Umika Hayami who was among those abducted by Zamigo Delma, leading Umika to become Lupin Yellow of the Lupinrangers to gather the Lupin Collection so Shiho can be brought back.

Character History

In elementary school, Umika was being bullied by other girls for her sense of style. However Shiho defended Umika saying that they shouldn't judge someone solely because of their style.

In high school, Shiho submitted a manga to a contest and won, and it was published in the latest manga magazine. However when Zamigo Delma attacked, Shiho pushed Umika out of the way and froze to death. This would cause Umika to become a Lupinranger and one day avenge her friend.

After Zamigo's defeat, Shiho has finally returned, along with Aya Ohira and Shori Yano. In order to bring the Lupinrangers back from Dogranio's safe, Noel scouts Shori, Aya and Shiho to be phantom thieves and they are sent to Dogranio's cell to rescue and to reunite the Lupinrangers by having the Jackpot Striker to be transported via Lupin Collection Book, in which it was entrusted to Lupinrangers by Kogure earlier.

Behind the scenes


Shiho Ichinose was portrayed by Moka Komatsu (小松 もか Komatsu Moka). As a child, she was portrayed by Mion Karino (狩野 海音 Karino Mion).


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