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"Sharp Unstoppable! Kiramai Blue!"
―Kiramai Blue's Roll Call[src]

"Sharp Unstoppable! Kiramai Jetter!"
―Jetter's Roll Call while in Shiguru's body[src]

Shiguru Oshikiri (押切 時雨 Oshikiri Shiguru) is Kiramai Blue (キラメイブルー Kiramei Burū), the Blue Ranger of the Kiramagers.

Character History

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Although a popular movie star, he often takes the role of a quiet noble warrior, which quickly became his main persona in casual life. He is very gentlemanly and skilled in swordsmanship, serving as an older brother figure to his partner. Compared to most of the Kiramagers, he appears to be devoid of emotion, barely expressing his feelings near the others. 

However, this emotionless and stoic personality is nothing but a facade, where in truth, he puts this front up in order to look cool, so no one sees his more vulnerable side, both in front of the Kiramagers, as well as on-set when he is acting. Although due to his interactions with the Kiramagers, his more vulnerable side is slowly seeping out, resulting in being on the receiving end of light teasing. Shiguru proved himself to be quite a lady's man and a skilled detective, quickly picking up and piecing clues while swooning women with his charm.

Kiramai Blue

Kiramai Blue

"(Rock music) Kiramekouze!"
―Transformation sound[src]




  • Blue Bright Slash (ブルーブライトスラッシュ Burū Buraito Surasshu): Kiramai Blue charges the Kiramai Sword and slashes with Jetter's power and his own.

Go Kiramai Blue




  • Unstoppable Laser (アンストッパブルレーザー Ansutoppaburu Rēzā): Go Kiramai Blue fires a charged shot from the Kiraful Go Arrow. It is so powerful that it can pierce through multiple trees before impaling and destroying the enemy.

Appearances: Kiramager Episodes 26-27

Behind the Scenes


Shiguru is portrayed by Atomu Mizuishi (水石 亜飛夢 Mizuishi Atomu), who previously portrayed Crow (Makai Knight)Icon-crosswiki.png in Garo: Makai no HanaIcon-crosswiki.png, and Ryuichi SakumaIcon-crosswiki.png/Another Fourze/Another Faiz in Kamen Rider Zi-OIcon-crosswiki.png. As Kiramai Blue, his suit actor is Yasuhiro Takeuchi (竹内 康博 Takeuchi Yasuhiro), who previously served as suit actor for Ryusoul Black.


  • He is the first ranger in general since Miu Sutou to be themed after a jet.
    • By extent, he is also the first Blue Ranger since Joe Gibken to have a jet as his primary mecha.
      • Furthermore, like Joe, both are blue rangers with a cool, almost emotionless personality, and are highly skilled swordsmen.
        • By extent, he is the first Blue Ranger since Yakumo Katou who is also a highly skilled swordsman.
  • Shiguru is 24 years old, the same as his actor.
  • Shiguru is the first Sentai Blue Ranger since Garu who doesn't announce himself after the Team's Red Ranger in the Team's rollcall order.
    • Shiguru is also the first Sentai Blue Ranger since Gouki/GingaBlue to announce themself right after their respective Green Ranger in the team Roll Call.



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