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The Shield Ressha (シールド列車 Shīrudo Ressha) is an Auxiliary Mecha in Ressha Sentai ToQger.


The front part of the Shield Ressha opens up to form a shield that resembles a traffic light for ToQ-Oh. It can also be loaded on the ToQ Blaster; giving the effect of summoning the Ressha with its shield open to defend against enemy attacks.


The Shield Ressha was used as an advantage in the fight against the KuLiner Robos and Stove Shadow. Eventually they defeated the KuLiner Robos and Stove Shadow was defeated using the Fumikiriken Ressha Slash.

ToQ Ressha

Ressha shield

Shield Ressha

Shield Ressha (シールドレッシャー Shīrudo Ressha) - This ToQ Ressha summons the Support Ressha, Shield Ressha. Station 4: Be Aware of the Things You Lose When used in the ToQ Blaster in Kirimasu mode, it summons a manifestation of the Shield Ressha that blocks any oncoming attacks. Station 21: The Runaway Bride


  • Although Shield Ressha was the first support Ressha to be used, ToQ-Oh Shield is not an official combination.


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