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Shibuyaseitakaawadachisohidenagaaburamushi (渋谷セイタカアワダチソウヒゲナガアブラムシ) is one of the associates of Evil Group Stema Otsu Corporation. His serious demeanor and attack pattern prove a threat for the Akibarangers.

The Akibarangers defeated him in the first episode, when ©Na left the battle.

Nobuo Akagi remembered his name after his first introduction, but his own associate ©Na couldn't.


  • He currently has the longest name out of any Super Sentai character.
  • He combined from two maids reminiscent of Nai & Mea.
    Akibaranger Nai and Mea

    Akibaranger's Nai & Mea

  • His and the followup being insects from Shibuya may be a reference to Kamen Rider KabutoIcon-crosswiki, where insectoid invaders known as WormsIcon-crosswiki annihilate Shibuya 7 years prior to the series in a meteor strike prior to invading the populace.
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