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HSA Shibuya-Gold-Teeth

There's one big difference between us, and I'm not telling!

Shibuyakouzorinahigenagaaburamushi (渋谷コウゾリナヒゲナガアブラムシ) is one of the department heads of Team Evil Stemer Corporation. A doppelganger of Shibuyaseitakaawadachisouhidenagaaburamushi, he wishes to purge Akihabara of all Otaku, believing them to be an eyesore. He longs to make Akihabara into a more refined place- a new Shibuya. He was much more brash than his counterpart, gloating and harassing his way to defeating the Akibarangers. His attacks include a beam that mimicked his DVD's nudity-inducing powers, as well as a hellfire-beam and floating projectile calling cards.

The Akibarangers encountered and defeated him in the second episode.

©Na carried a card just to make sure she can remember his name.


  • He currently has the second-longest name out of any Super Sentai character.
  • The way he makes his appearance is reminiscent of Ankh from Kamen Rider OOO.
  • During his introduction, he mentions that there is a difference between him and Shibuya Seitakaawadachisohidenagaaburamushi. Episode 13 revealed that he has an extra pair of gold teeth.
  • His and the previous being insects from Shibuya may be a reference to Kamen Rider KabutoIcon-crosswiki, where insectoid invaders known as WormsIcon-crosswiki annihilate Shibuya 7 years prior to the series in a meteor strike prior to invading the populace.
  • His appearance as a similar MotW who appears little after the first is defeated is similar to the relationship between Bat Nezire and Neo-Bat Nezire in Megaranger: both monsters are technically the same outside slight physical differences and different abilities.
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