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"The era of Nezirejia is here."
―Shibolena's first words in her introduction scene.[src]
"Impossible! The Megarangers have a new weapon?!"
―Shibolena reacting to the Mega Voyager.[src]
"Goodbye, father."
―Shibolena's final words before her death.

Shibolena (シボレナ Shiborena) is a robotic female general of Javious. She is second in command to Dr. Hinelar on the Death Neziro. She often came up with plans for conquering and preferred devious plans over brute force.


Shizuka Samejima

Shibolena was created by Dr. Hinelar in the image of Shizuka Samejima, a daughter of the doctor who died during an early botched experiment.

Conquering the human world (1-18)


Shibolena first appeared inside the Nezicrasher with Hinelar and Bibidebi, and escaped back to the Death Neziro after setting a time bomb to destroy the Galaxy Mega, though the plan failed. She then was assigned to cast a Nezire spell to summon many Nezire Beasts. She officially met the Megarangers during the Chameleon Nezire scheme, but she teleported away.

She then transported Bibidebi to enlarge Shrimp Nezire in a plan to destroy the Galaxy Mega, but failed again. Afterward, she didn't appear for some time until the Rose Nezire's Demon Therapy plan, posing as a nun. Shibolena tried to transform every child into a Little Rose Nezire. Among the children targeted was Ruri, the new friend of Chisato, who could only think about the birthday cake given to her by Chisato. She then transformed into Chisato and tricked Ruri into drinking the rose potion and used her power to trap Chisato within rose vines.

MegaYellow attacked Shibolena and while they were dueling, she revealed Rose Nezire would most likely destroy her friend; as long as the rose on Shibolena's rapier is not destroyed, Rose Nezire can regenerate as much as she wanted. She proved herself to be a formidable foe and managed to stop all of MegaYellow's attack until she used the Blade Arm to defeat her, thus, destroying the rose on her rapier. Destroying the rose allowed the rest of the Megarangers to finally defeat Rose Nezire. Shibolena attempted to reveal MegaYellow's true identity but was fooled by MegaBlue's hologram, thinking that both were a different person.

Hacking through the human's network, Shibolena was able to get information about an "Ultimate Lifeform". Know that the necessity microchip was it Mayuko Saotome, the late creator's fiance's hand, she disguises herself and attempts to steal it directly but failed thanks to Kenta's intervention. She later once again disguised herself as the late Professor Tanaka himself, posing as a hologram, in order to take the microchip and succeeded. She used it to give life to an Ultimate Lifeform. The creature proofs to be formidable for and overwhelm Megaranger. With help from Mayuko, they attacked its weak point (feelers) and able to defeat it after it enlarged.

The Guirail Arc (19-32)

After Guirail's appearance, thanks to Emperor Javious's command, Shibolena cooperated with him in many of his plans. She tried to help him brainwash children with Scorpion Nezire, as well as take control of Delta Mega with Centipede Nezire. Shibolena was later tasked, along with Yugande, to deliver the Nezire Crystal to Antlion Nezire, but due to unforeseen circumstances, she had to fight against MegaYellow once again. This time she proved herself to be more powerful than the Megarangers. She was later transported away after the Mobius Ring on Antlion Nezire's staff is destroyed and the Nezire Doors disappeared.

After witnessing that Guirail purposely used Yugande as a shield from Super Galaxy Mega's finishing attack, Shibolena became fueled with rage and attempted to kill him, which would place him under her control. Hinelar, not wanting Shibolena to dirty her hands, tricked Guirail by giving him a Nezire Capsule, which allows him to gain much more power, but at the cost of his sanity. She is later seen mocking Guirail, along with Bibidebi, since it was Guirail who said that they should use any means to defeat Megaranger.

She would later bear witness to the unveiling of the Mega Voyager, expressing surprise and disbelief at the fact that the Megarangers had acquired a new addition to their arsenal.

Psycho Nezilar and Neziranger (33-43)

Shibolena defending Dr. Hinelar from Nezi Red

Using the remains of Mad Guirail, Dr. Hinelar was able to create a new type of powerful monster, called Psycho-Nezilar. He also repaired Yugande, creating his third form, which pleased Shibolena.

During the battle with the Carrangers, Shibolena was sent by Hinelar to aid Helmedor to control the minds of the Carrangers, which she achieved with her magical kiss. She later used this move on Helmedor himself when he refused to cooperate, and commanded Bibidebi to enlarge both him and Crab Nezilar when they were defeated.

She participated in the plan to overthrow Javious, along with Yugande and Bibidebi. When NeziRed rebelled and attacked Yugande, Shibolena moved to protect Hinelar, only to be defeated by NeziRed's laser attack. She was unharmed, due to Yugande's protection and Dr. Hinelar's removal of NeziRed's free will.

The Hinelar City (45-48)

After Javious' destruction and the seeming deaths of the Nezirangers, Shibolena, along with Yugande, was sent out to capture people in Hinelar City, as well as brainwash them, afterward. However, thanks to the Neziranger spirits, the plan was ruined and they were forced to escape, which lead to Hinelar City's destruction. She and Hinelar managed to see the Megarangers transform, from civilian form, before being forced to escape and fix Hinelar.

Shibolena's End (49-50)

After the fall of Hinelar City, Shibolena was able to discover the Megarangers' identities, thanks to the previous scheme, and sent Hell Nezilar to expose them. Hell Nezilar success in his mission and exposes them as planned. She and Yugande later teleported themselves in front of Professor Kubota, to kill him for mocking Hinelar, but are defeated, along with Hell Nezilar, by the Megarangers, with help from Mega Silver.

The next day, she is shown tracking Mega Winger's route (Yusaku is searching for Death Neziro) to find the base of INET, but the mecha disappeared from her sight. Despite worrying about Hinelar's actions, she chose to carry out the plan with Yugande. She disguised herself as a human and infiltrated Maroboshi High; the former Digital Club Room. However, she was discovered by Teacher Kurokawa and silenced him, but not before discovering the location of INET's base, the moon. She revealed the location to Yugande who responded by bringing out the Nezire Reactor, a powerful device that empowered the user, while also having a dangerous side effect. Shibolena refused to let Yugande use it but eventually changed her mind after listening to Yugande's constant pleas.

When the battle turned sour in the Nezire's favor, Shibolena leaped in to stop Mega Red from killing the severely weakened Yugande, only to suffer a fatal blow from the Drill Saber. However, her sacrifice was for naught, as Yugande was so enraged at Shibolena being hurt that he suicidally charged Mega Red, despite being in no condition to fight: as a result, Mega Red destroyed Yugande with the Drill Saber's Saber Slash.

Gravely wounded and barely functioning, Shibolena managed to return to the Death Neziro, in order to inform Dr. Hinelar of the destruction of both the Moonbase and Yugande. Her body, gravely damaged, started smoking and she realized she would not survive. With not much time left, she decided to tell Hinelar that she had wished to be by his side forever, and sadly bade farewell to the man she called "father". She then succumbed to her wounds, collapsing to the ground and exploding right before Hinelar's eyes.

However, Shibolena would, in a sense, haunt the Megarangers beyond the grave, as it was revealed she had a "younger sister" Hizumina, a perfect clone of her using the same DNA, who was commissioned to fight the Megaranger to avenge her "older sister" and her "father".


Powers and abilities

Shibolena uses laser beam against her opponent.

As Dr. Hinelar's masterpiece, Shibolena was blessed with many powerful abilities. She can use a powerful electric shock to summon a tornado or control roses (with the help of Rose Nejire's power). With her mere gaze, she can set what she wishes on fire in seconds. She can also create illusions to trap her enemies and fight with a rapier with twisted edges which can also fire laser and electric attacks.

While her fighting ability is incredible, she prefers to use tactics to manipulate her opponents instead. One of these is an ability to alter her appearance as she wishes, which she often used in her scheme to disguise as various people. Like other villains, she can teleport at will and can summon a Kunekune Army whenever she desires. Later, during Carranger vs Megaranger, she uses an ability to charm her enemies with her magical kiss whose effect is so powerful that the Megarangers are forced to use their most powerful attack to cancel out the effect. She uses this same ability later, on Helmedor, in order to make him a loyal slave.


Shibolena's default attire is that of a blue thigh-long dress covered with a "bathroom tile" pattern. She also wears a blue blouse with two different shoulder pieces with a different design, one gold, and one blue, subtlety refers to her title as "the Blue Angel" as heard in her character song, "The Blue Devil's Smile". Her shoes are boot-like low heel and have a similar pattern as her dress. Shibolena wears a blue helmet that was fashioned like her hair and has antennae extend from her left side. Her accessories are a pair of crystal earrings and two bracelets.



concept art

  • Shibolena's name comes from the word Shibori (搾り) which means "to squeeze".
  • Both Shibolena and Hizumina are portrayed by actress Asami Jo.
  • Astronema was presumably based on Shibolena as both were once known as different individuals (Shizuka and Karone) prior to their lives as villains. Both were also made into robot/cyborg, however, Shibolena does it of her own will, while Astronema was forced to become one by Darkonda. Coincidentally, both were accidentally killed by the Red Ranger (however while Astronema was revived and restored to Karone, Shibolena remained dead).
  • Shibolena was seen briefly in episode forty of Power Rangers in Space when Ecliptor was defeated.
  • Shibolena claimed that she used her DNA to create Rose Nezire. Since she is a robot, she shouldn't be able to do this, unless she is perhaps a cyborg. This could lead to the assumption that Shibolena is indeed Shizuka Samejima in cyborg form, or that the original Shizuka's DNA was used to create Rose Nezire.
  • Shibolena was noted for having similarities to Ley Nefel. Both respect their creator as a fatherly figure, both were main female generals that were good with disguises and during their demise, they exploded in front of their creator.
  • Like many heroines and villainesses, Shibolena has two action figures.
  • She is similar to Astro Boy in that both of them are robotic copies of their creator's deceased child.
  • Possibly why she went unused in Power Rangers In Space due to her outfit being too revealing, leading to Astronema being exclusive to Power Rangers.


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