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Mysterious Bivalve Mask

Shellfish Mask.

Shellfish Mask (妖貝仮面 Yōkai Kamen) is the sixth of Black Cross Commander-in-Chief Golden Mask's Masked Monsters.

Character History

Shellfish Mask was the Masked Monster placed in charge of a transport through the ocean across the Pacific to Shikoku in order to deliver a missile developed by the Black Cross that, when fired, would have lead to the island's complete destruction. However the shellfish crashed before he could reach the mainland and ended up on a beach near Matsuyama, where Peggy and Yoko discover it and try to find its contents only for Yoko to get caught by its tongue before Kaijo saves them. Discovering that the shellfish was potentially associated with Black Cross work, they try to bring in a specialist while faking out the enemy; but their spy is discovered and the Black Cross capture him anyway; Kaijo ultimately discovers the enemy trying to send a fake in place of the scientist and rescues him. Yet as they get the scientist, a Zolder squadron takes the shellfish away and retrieve the missile within.

When Shinmei and Asuka try to get back the shellfish, it reveals itself and attacks Aorenger, throwing him into the nearby ocean. Shellfish Mask then takes over the full battle to launch the missile and destroy Shikoku; the Gorengers track it down and using the guidance left by their missing teammate, they are able to stop it before launch. During a battle, the Gorenger try to break through Shellfish Mask's shell, only for Peggy to finally blast it open with her Momo Cards within the crack. The team then uses Gorenger Hurricane to become a pearl, which the Masked Monster puts in itself leading to its destruction. Ep. 60: Blue Inland Sea! The Floating Secret Fortress Island


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Modus and Arsenal

Its main attack method is to use its ability as a shellfish to clamp down and crunch anything and to withstand attack with its super-hard shell. In its "shellfish" form, it has the capability of transporting items within its body and use its tongue to wrap and attack people who draw near to it. He is also capable of swimming.​​​​​​​



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Behind the Scenes

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