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"Triceratops, Power Ranger Pink!"
―roll call[src]

"Shelby, Power Ranger Pink!"
―alternate roll call[src]

Shelby Watkins is the Dino Charge Pink Ranger of the Dino Charge Rangers. She is also referred to as Pink Ranger and, in roll calls, as Triceratops Power Ranger Pink.

Character History

Dino Charge

A waitress at the Dino Bite Cafe, she stows away on one of Kendall Morgan's digs and accidentally finds the Pink Energem, bonding with the Tricera Zord.

Shelby is the daughter of a corporate family, the owners and proprietors of Watkins Ice Cream. Her father, Mr. Watkins, wants her to take over the family business when he eventually steps down. Shelby started working in the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum's Dino Bite Cafe a year before the events depicted in Dino Charge. She wanted more than anything to move up in her role in the museum and be part of the fossil digs instead of serving in the restaurant.

When trying to persuade Kendall Morgan, the museum director, and her two assistants Chase and Koda to allow her on a fossil dig does not work, Shelby decides to stow away on their truck for a dig hoping that it will persuade Ms. Morgan to let her take a job at the dig itself. However, before she could get their attention at the site, a hooded figure steals a crate from the collected items. Shelby chases after the unknown person and gets an assist from Tyler, a passing explorer. It turns out the crate contained an Energem and the hooded figure reveals himself to be a menacing monster named Iceage who, upon realizing Tyler also possessed an Energem, freezes the two. Contact with the Energems saves both from completely freezing and they find themselves with fossilized weapons. When Shelby and Tyler insert the Energems, they become Rangers and are able to fend off Iceage. Powers From the Past

While on their way back to the Museum, they found Riley Griffin, whose scooter broke in the middle of the journey and offered him a ride. All 3 of them soon discover an underground lab below the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum where they meet Keeper and learn about the Energems and their roles as Power Rangers. Although Shelby is uncertain of why the Energem choose her, Kendall convince Shelby that the team needed her knowledge on dinosaurs.She then decided to joins the team. Past, Present and Fusion

When Shelby offered an idea to find the Energems based on their energy signature, she worked on an E-Tracer alongside Kendall. Although the E-Tracer was hacked by Wrench easily, Shelby’s relationship with Kendall improved immensely. Let Sleeping Zords Lie

After Sledge was thought to be destroyed and the majority of the Dino Charge Rangers returned to their normal lives, Shelby soon took business classes on the insistence of her father. When Evil Stirs

However after a pep talk from Riley, Shelby stands up to her father, and reveals her own dream is to study fossils. Accepting this, Mr. Watkins apologizes and gives the team an ice cream dinosaur cake as a favor to his daughter. Nightmare in Amber Beach

During her tenure as a Ranger, Shelby had a crush on Tyler Navarro where she tried to hide her true feelings for him. This resulted in situations like her pretending to be the Princess of Zandar to be around Tyler and even going on a picnic date with him. However, their relationship didn’t fully take develop until Tyler got jealous of her flirting with a member of the N-Zed Boys, Shelby’s favorite band. Trying to prove himself, Tyler tried to audition for the band only to have stage fright. Shelby then tries to help Tyler’s audition by singing a duet with him. Although they both didn’t get into the band, they recognize each other’s feelings and soon become romantically involved. Silver Secret

When a majority of the Rangers were trapped in stone by Badussa, Shelby, using Zenowing's instructions, creates the Spino Zord and the Spino Charger. Soon after, Zenowing offers Shelby a chance to become his apprentice but she declines, wanting to study real dinosaurs instead. The Rangers Rock!

After the timeline was changed and the dinosaurs didn’t become extinct, Shelby becomes one of the caretakers of the new Amber Beach Dinosaur Zoo and is seen taking care of one of the Triceratops. Here Comes Heximas

Beast Morphers

"Not long enough. Some things just stay nasty!"
―Shelby arriving to battle Snide.[src]

Shelby and Riley arrive to fight Snide.

It's unknown why Shelby and Riley didn't come to the main dimension in order to find Keeper alongside their team, but when the Beast Morphers Rangers left to fight a Gigadrone, and the Dino Charge Rangers were preparing to fight Snide, Tyler called them to help. Just when the team defeated Snide, the newly revived Sledge and his crew appeared. Shelby fight againt Wrench, but was defeated, and almost destroyed alongside her teamates if it weren't for the Beast Morphers Rangers appearing at the last second, blasting Sledge's crew and managing to get away after rescuing Keeper. Shelby and Riley came back to their dimension off-screen. Finders Keepers

Days after their previous adventure, Goldar Maximus and Snide were attacking the Dino Charge Rangers in their dimension and were after their Energems. Four of the Beast Morphers Rangers arrived but the villains still managed to steal four of the Energems and defeat both teams of Rangers, while Shelby and Riley retained their powers. When both teams were hiding and discussing the villains' plans of making an evil Zord, Jason and Devon arrived, gave the team Morphers and Morph-X powered Dino Chargers to the other four Dino Charge Rangers and decided to split themselves into two teams.

Shelby with the Legendary Dino Rangers.

Shelby and her team followed Jason on a frontal assault while the Beast Morphers team attacked from behind. When Goldar Maximus and the rest of Evox's army arrived, Jason summoned his old Mighty Morphin' teammates and the Dino Rangers to defeat the army in a big fight.

During the battle, Shelby defeated some foot soldiers alongside Billy and Ethan. When Evox summoned his massive Chimerazord, Shelby summoned her Tricera Zord, and her team joined in forming the Dino Charge Megazord and aiding in its defeat. With Evox on the run again, the teams departed and said goodbye to the Dino Charge Rangers.Grid Connection


Shelby is a rough-n-tumble 18-year-old tomboy who doesn't mind getting her nails dirty. She is clumsy and disinterested in all things that don't involve dinosaurs or being a Ranger; she finds business boring to study/learn, as seen with the relationship she has with her father and his ice cream business.

Dino Charge Pink Ranger

Dino Charge Pink Ranger

"Tricera Charger Engage!"
―Transformation announcement via Dino Charge Morpher[src]
"Triceratops, Power Ranger Pink!"
―Transformation Roll Call[src]



Appearances: DC Episodes 1-22, DSC Episodes 1-22, BM S2 Episodes 12, 13

Dino Charge Pink Ranger in Dino Steel



Appearances: DC Episodes 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 13-15, 18, 19, DSC Episodes 1, 4, 15-17, 20, BM S2 Episode 13

Dino Charge Pink Ranger in Dino Drive



Appearances: DC Episodes 10, 12, 14, 16-20, 22, DSC Episodes 1-11, 13, 14, 16, 17, 19, 20

Dino Charge Pink Ranger in Dino Super Drive

"Dino Super Drive Charger, Engage!"
―Transformation announcement via Dino Super Drive Saber[src]



Appearances: DSC Episodes 2-11, 13, 14, 16-20, BM S2 Episode 13

Behind the Scenes


  • Shelby is portrayed by Camille Hyde. Hyde provided Shelby's voice for her appearances in Beast Morphers, as she was preoccupied with work and was unable to reprise the role of Shelby on-screen.


  • The first casting sheet revealed that Shelby's original name was Sarah. This name would later be used for the next Pink Ranger.
  • She is the first Pink Ranger on a dinosaur-themed team to have a triceratops motif. She is also the first triceratops-themed Ranger who is not a Blue Ranger.
  • She is the first female Ranger to be the only female on the (five-man) core team and not be a Yellow Ranger since Tori Hanson.
  • Shelby is the first Pink Ranger to serve on a team without a Yellow Ranger. She is later succeeded by Amelia in Dino Fury.
    • Every other team since had 2 females (with Yellow being male on 3 ocassions, A-Squad, Mystic Force and Ninja Steel) except Dino Thunder, Jungle Furry, RPM and Beast Morphers (where Yellow was the female member).
    • Like Summer from RPM, another female (Gemma and Kendall) joins later.
  • Shelby had an initial dislike for all things about princesses. Ironically, her actress has shown a notable interest in the Royal Family.
  • Shelby's attraction with Tyler is very similar to Amy Yuuzuki's attraction with Daigo Kiryu.


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