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Sheeple is a monster of the Evil Space Aliens created by Finster.

Character History


He was a monster who believed in ludicrous conspiracy theories such as a flat-Earth, the Olsen twin conspiracy and the fake moon Apollo landing. He believed he was "spreading the word" by terrorizing New Yorkers.


Behind the Scenes


  • His name comes from an insult thrown by those who have a fevered belief in conspiracy theories, an amalgam of the words "sheep" a derogatory term for a supposed complacent member of society who refuses to see "the truth" and "people".
  • The conspiracies he shouts include:
    • "Only one Olsen", a reference to the fact some believe that either Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen were some kind of faked publicity stunt cooked up by supposed "evil members" of Hollywood through holograms or other kinds of special effects.
    • "Earth is flat" is a reference to the flat-earther movement, which consists of people in parts of the world who refuse to believe the world is round despite modern scientific events like man traveling into space proving it as fact.
    • "There was a second shooter" is a reference to the JFK assassination conspiracies, with some believing that Lee Harvey Oswald didn't act alone in his plan to kill President John F. Kennedy.
    • "Apollo landing wasn't real" is the infamous belief by a large group of people that famed director Stanley Kubrick filmed a fake Apollo moon landing to boost the morale of Americans during the Cold War at the behest of the US Government. This theory persists to this very day, despite evidence of the 1969 landing such as lunar rock samples taken by NASA and Mr. Kubrick's own daughter Vivian confirming to the press that no such event ever took place despite some believers of the conspiracy harassing her for the "truth".
    • "Paul is Dead" is the conspiracy that former Beatle Paul McCartney was killed and replaced with a look alike after he got in a car accident in 1966. Unlike some conspiracies, the belief of it died down by the late 1970s as Paul proved he was in fact the actual singer, though a scant few still cling to this conspiracy and harass Paul McCartney.
    • "This world is a lie" is the unhealthy belief people have that their lives are a computer simulation or some shadowy horror is manipulating them.
  • Sheeple 2.png
    His design also alludes to conspiracies, as his head has hair shaped like a tinfoil hat and his chest has the symbol of the Illuminati.
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