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"How come you never call?"

Aisha's best friend from Stone Canyon High. She and Shawna have known each other since the first grade (although Aisha thought it was the second, which upset Shawna). She came to Angel Grove For the gymnastics district title,competing against Kimberly. Upon arriving, she instantly disliked Kimberly, thinking she had replaced her as Aisha's best friend. While hanging out in the park, she and Kimberly were kidnapped by Goldar. However, they bonded during the experience becoming friends.

They were saved by the White Ranger, with Shawna even saying she wouldn't leave Kimberly when the force field jumped up again shortly. Despite this, Alpha teleported her safely to her home. They later compete in the gymnastics competition, both scoring a 9.8, tying with each other in the end. She is last seen smiling with Aisha and Kimberly. Forever Friends


She was played by the late Alissa Ann Smego.

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