This article is about a/an character in Power Rangers Zeo, the second installment in the Zordon Era.

Shawn is a student at Angel Grove High School, and was captain of the high school baseball team.


Shawn was the first friend that Tanya Sloan made (outside of her fellow Zeo Rangers and Billy Cranston) at Angel Grove High, though he considered breaking off with her if she didn't support him in his use of a cheat sheet for the algebra test. He decided to hand the answers over to Mr. Caplan and apologized to Tanya.The Shooting Star The two eventually became boyfriend and girlfriend.

Shawn's attitude later got worse when Tanya ended up on the baseball team as he was bitter about being struck out by her, and attributed the victory of the team to luck as she had several strikes. As a result, he broke up with Tanya. Rangers in the Outfield

Sometime after, Shawn entered a Kung Fu Tournament, which Adam Park also participated in. He and his then girlfriend Veronica took sometime to taunting Adam during his training, as well as making a snide remark towards Tanya. Shawn was confident in his winning as he found a medallion (belonging to the Machine Empire) that made him invisible. He had a change of heart and decided to attempt an honorable victory (though the medallion's power source was destroyed by the Power Rangers). Shawn did well at first, but eventually lost, Though he apologized to Adam & Tanya and suggested that they be friends.Game of Honor

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