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"Zip zip zip! Vroom vroom vroom!"
―Sharkjaw's first words when obliterating buildings by spinning right through them.[src]

"Zip zip zip!"
―Sharkjaw's signature phrase.[src]

"Samurai Rangers! I'm like a force of nature! A twister and a shark bite wrapped in one and ready for fun!"
―Sharkjaw when confronted by five Samurai Rangers.[src]

"Hey! What's the big idea?"
―Sharkjaw after being hit on the head by Octoroo's pot of Sanzu River water and his final words before leaving.[src]

Sharkjaw is a shark/cat-themed Nighlok that can spin around into a destructive force and the minor villain of the special Power Rangers Super Samurai team-up "Clash of the Red Rangers - The Movie".


Sharkjaw attacked the city under the orders of Octoroo and was first seen ploughing through and destroying two buildings. When the Samurai Rangers arrived. Sharkjaw managed to knock down the whole team by destroying an entire building beside them. Antonio then arrived but was easily taken down and Mia and Emily used their signature Airwave and Seismic Swing attacks to take down the monster. However, Sharkjaw took them all down with his spin attack and easily destroyed Mike's Spin Sword when he came back around. The Rangers tried to stop him before he managed to destroy others parts of the city before retreating back to the Netherworld upon drying up. After Sharkjaw replenishes himself, Master Xandred informs him that General Gut, Sergeant Tread, and Professor Cog would take over the attack on the human world instead. Afterwards, he never appeared again throughout the rest of the series, although he was likely destroyed when the Sanzu River was drained following Xandred's eventual destruction. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Clash of the Red Rangers - The Movie


Sharkjaw is quite childish, but also very powerful and very loyal to Master Xandred.

Powers and Abilities


  • Tornado Warning: Sharkjaw's signature attack where he puts his feet together and spins around creating a destructive force which is able to blast apart buildings and take down all six Samurai Rangers. The attack itself was named when he unleashed it on the Rangers.
    • Weapon Destruction: Sharkjaw spins so fast that he can completely destroy weapons as seen when Mike tried to stop him using his Spin Sword.
    • Flight: Also while spinning, Sharkjaw is capable of flight.


  • Strength: Sharkjaw was strong enough to take down Antonio with just five punches.
  • Durability: Sharkjaw was knocked down by a combination of Mia's Air Wave and Emily's Seismic Swing but was unhurt.


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  • Claws: Unlike most other Nighloks, Sharkjaw possesses no weapons of any kind but does have heavily clawed hands (similar to those of a cat) that he can use to hack and slash his enemies.

Behind the Scenes



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  • Sharkjaw is the first and only Nighlok in the Power Rangers Samurai series to have not been destroyed onscreen. His ultimate fate is unknown.
    • In his original Japanese episode, which was an ordinary episode of Shinkenger, he was killed by Kotoha/Emily as Super Shinken Yellow/Super Samurai Mode and SamuraiHaOh (the Gigazord) but this was cut to fit in footage from two other movies).
  • Sharkjaw is one of only three Nighloks not to have any weapons aside from claws or pincers, the other two being Armadeevil and Arachnitor.
  • Sharkjaw is one of two Nighloks whose final fate is unknown, the other being Octoroo.


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