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Sharkjaw is a shark/cat-themed Nighlok that can spin around into a destructive force and the minor villain of the special Power Rangers Super Samurai team-up mini movie "Clash of the Red Rangers - The Movie".

Character History

He attacked the city until the Rangers arrived. Sharkjaw managed to knock down Antonio as well as destroying parts of the city before retreating back to the Netherworld upon drying up. After Sharkjaw replenishes himself, Master Xandred informs him about his choice that General Gut, Sergeant Tread And Professor Cog would take over the attack on the human world instead, after words, he never appeared again though out the rest of the series, although he was likely destroyed when the Sanzu River was drained following Xandred's eventual destruction.


Sharkjaw is quite childish, but also very powerful. He is also very loyal to Master Xandred.

Powers and Abilities

  • Spinning: Sharkjaw's primary ability is able to spin around in a destructive force, which is able to blast apart buildings.
    • Flight: Also while spinning, Sharkjaw is capable of flight.

Behind the Scenes



  • Sharkjaw is the first and only Nighlok in the Power Rangers Samurai series to have not been destroyed onscreen. His ultimate fate is unknown. He either was destroyed by Xandred after being replaced, or was destroyed upon the Sanzu River being drained in Samurai Forever as a result of Master Xandred's ultimate defeat.


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