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Samecanth (サメカンス Samekansu, 13) is a Mecha-Gigan of Neo Empire Gear, assisting Monster and Messer Beast


It has an appearance of a shark; its main ability is a "Super Ceramic Beam" within its eyes that allows for any machine hit by it to temporary gain a massive boost in their defenses, making them invulnerable and furthering their strength. It is also capable of flight.


Shark Canth is used by Doctor Man to boost an army consisting of Monster, Messer Beast and several Mechaclones, making them super strong and invulnerable to attack multiple labs and destroy or steal various materials within them. During one battle with the enhanced warriors, one of Jun's arrows accidentally hurts Shiro after it bounces off and hits Red1's hand, leading to her to doubt her ability. After the power of the Super Ceramic Beam initially wears off, Doctor Man deploys Shark Canth to the field to restore the power, but by this point Jun realizes it as the source of the strength, firing an arrow at its eye preventing it from repowering them. After Messer Beast is defeated and Zyuoh saves Monster, the Biomen use Bio Robo to quickly deal with Shark Canth, defeating it with Super Maser's Straight Flash.


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