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"We're here to rescue you Treacheron. We knows who set you up. It was that scheming temptress Trakeena."
―The Shark Brothers' first words.[src]

"Treacheron! He’s gone! We’ve got to destroy them! For Treacheron, we will have revenge."
―Shark Brothers after the death of Treacheron and their last words before their demise.[src]

The Shark Brothers served as the last of Treacheron's forces. The duo consists of a green shark ninja monster and a red hammerhead shark ninja monster. They were also the most powerful of Treacheron's forces.


The two were fiercely loyal to Treacheron, taking issue with any slights made against Treacheron's character or honor. After he was arrested by Scorpius' Stingwingers for a framed crime, the Shark Brothers informed Treacheron that Trakeena set him up and returned to him his sword. When Trakeena came to visit the former general, Green Shark held Red Shark back when she taunted Treacheron behind bars.

The brothers prepared to kill Trakeena after Treacheron sent her on a wild goose chase after a goblet, but their attempts were hindered by the appearance of the Galaxy Rangers and the Magna Defender, the latter of which prepared to kill Trakeena to anger Scorpius. He was later stopped by a pain in his chest, which allowed her to return to the Scorpion Stinger and he later fled, leaving Zika's dagger behind.

The brothers were an integral part of Treacheron's plan to destroy the Rangers, however, the untimely arrival of Leo Corbett (who'd been injured in battle with Treacheron), foiled their general's plan, leading to his death in a one-on-one battle with the Red Galaxy Ranger. The Shark Brothers swore revenge against Leo and grew giant, but they were destroyed by the Galaxy Megazord using the Lights of Orion.

In "Protect the Quasar Saber", the Shark Brothers were seen on Onyx during the auction for the Pink Quasar Saber.


The Green Shark Brother has a goofy personality, while the Red Shark Brother has a serious personality; however, they both take battle very seriously.

Powers and Abilities


Green Shark

  • Super Strength: Green Shark is highly strong, in terms of strength, being able to take down all five Galaxy Rangers at once.
  • Energy Streak: Green Shark can move around as a green energy streak to go from one place to another.
  • Super Jump: Green Shark possesses supernatural jumping abilities.
  • Enlarging: Green Shark can enlarge himself at will.

Red Shark

  • Super Strength: Red Shark is the strongest of the Shark Brothers, in terms of strength, being able to take down all five Galaxy Rangers at once.
  • Energy Streak: Red Shark can move as a blue energy streak to go from one place to another.
  • Enlarging: Red Shark can enlarge himself at will.


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Green Shark

  • Shark Sword: Green Shark wields a shark-themed sword that he can slash at his enemies with. It is powerful enough to take down the Galaxy Megazord in one hit.
  • Whistle: Green Shark had a whistle to give his brother and Treacheron a signal with when he blows into it.

Red Shark

  • Shark Shuriken: Red Shark wields a large shark-themed shuriken that he can fling at his enemies with. It is powerful enough to take down the Galaxy Megazord in one hit.

Behind the Scenes



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  • The Shark Brothers' voices are based on Moe Howard and Jerome "Curly" Howard of the Three Stooges. One also sounds like Jabberjaw.


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