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Shark Attack is the fourteenth episode in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, continuing the Magna Defender arc. This marks the final appearance of Treacheron.


Treacheron goes after Trakeena when the Shark Brothers reveal that it was she who set him up. Magna Defender finds Trakeena and threatens her when she tries to escape. The Rangers appear and Mike's voice is heard from within the Magna Defender, making Leo wonder whether he is still alive. The Rangers face off against the Sharks and Treacheron and Leo defeats Treacheron in a one-on-one fight. When Treacheron refuses to relent even after being seriously injured, Leo is forced to destroy him while the Rangers destroy the Shark Brothers with the Galaxy Megazord.


Treacheron is imprisoned after being accused of treason by Scorpius and now he has no other purpose than to cleanse his name and his honor. 

He receives a surprise visit from the Shark Brothers who secretly hand him his saber that had been confiscated and reveal to Treacheron that Trakeena was directly responsible for all the plot that led him to prison. Treacheron is outraged, though not very surprised and swears revenge on Trakeena.

Noticing the presence of someone approaching the jail, the Shark Brothers hide and watch. Trakeena appears to visit Treacheron and taunts him for his situation. Treacheron in turn (pretending to be unaware that Trakeena is responsible for his condition) gives her a map that reveals the location of a silver goblet in Terra Venture to be delivered to Scorpius as a way to prove his absolute loyalty. But in fact Treacheron's plan is to drive Trakeena away from the Scorpion Stinger to get back at her. After Trakeena leaves the scene, Treacheron breaks the prison door and begins his revenge plan along with the Shark Brothers.

Trakeena arrives in Terra Venture and orders some Stingwingers to dig in the indicated place in the map. They find the goblet, but when Trakeena takes possession of the object, Treacheron appears and states that the silver goblet is false. At that moment the goblet disintegrates into Trakeena's hands turning to sand. Treacheron accuses Trakeena of conspiring against him and tries to attack her.

However, before a confrontation begins, the Power Rangers appear to defend the colony of the invaders. Leo demands that Treacheron leave Terra Venture and the two fight, Trakeena seizes the opportunity to escape. Treacheron tries to chase her, but Leo still does not understand what's happening and stands between them.

During the escape attempt, Trakeena encounters the Magna Defender who saw in her the perfect opportunity to take revenge on Scorpius for Zika's death, promising to assassinate Trakeena as Scorpius did with his son in the past, despite her pleas for her life. However, before he does, he feels a strong pain in the chest followed by Mike's inner voice that prevents him from proceeding with the attack, which gives Trakeena a chance to escape.

Leo also hears Mike telepathically stating "Good will always win" which ends up distracting him during the fight, this distracting moment is costly for Leo who receives a brutal blow from Treacheron with his sword leaving Leo badly injured. Treacheron decides to prove his loyalty to Scorpius, destroying the four remaining rangers who cannot invoke on the Lights of Orion without Red Ranger.

Treacheron, lures the other rangers into a trap and initiates an attack along with the Shark Brothers. At the same time as Leo still recovers from the wounds of the previous fight, he has a dream in which Mike encourages him to continue fighting and warns that the other Power Rangers are in danger and need his help. Leo decides to return to the battlefield to face Treacheron and the Shark Brothers although not yet fully recovered.

Leo regroups with his colleagues and invoke the Lights of Orion weakening the Shark Brothers, Treacheron and Leo wrestle fight in a final battle and after a difficult struggle with their sabers, Leo wins by destroying the saber of Treacheron and beating him mortally. An injured Treacheron still tries to hit Leo with one last blow despite Leo's warnings not to proceed with the attack, forcing Leo to destroy him.

The Shark Brothers swear revenge for the death of their master and become giants, the Rangers invoke the Galaxy Megazord. To their surprise, they find the Lights of Orion also powers up the Galaxy Megazord, also giving it new armor. With this new power, the Megazord easily destroys the Shark Brothers.

Later, Leo tells Maya about seeing Mike in his dreams and she tells him that somehow she can feel that Mike is alive.



  • Due to the use of Sentai footage when the shark brothers break in to the prison where Treacheron is, the cell shifts from a Gray and Red concrete cell to a wooden plank cell and back. In the Gingaman footage he is in the brig of Captain Zahab's (Captain Mutiny's Sentai Counterpart) pirate ship.


  • This introduces Trakeena and Mike Corbett's story arcs.
  • This marks the first appearance of the Orion Galaxy Megazord.
  • This is the first time that Mike's goodness causes Magna Defender pain whenever he comes close to achieving vengeful acts.
  • Impostra was meant to return in this episode, but her scenes were cut due to time constraints.
  • Excluding the last part of the battle of Leo's fight with Treacheron and the Zord battle, the rest of the battles were done with American Footage for several reasons:
    • The fact the Swabbies were not introduced yet unlike their Sentai counterparts who had, which were also responsible in stopping the initial battle in the Gingaman version due to the alleged treason.
    • The difference in plot of Treacheron's attack which rendered Leo unconscious, whereas his Sentai counterpart was driven insane by the spell cast upon him.
    • That the other four Lost Galaxy Rangers remained together when confronting Treacheron and the Shark Brothers. Originally the other Gingamen divided up into teams of two, one to help get their leader back to his senses, and the other to deal with the enemy. Therefore the rest of the team were in immediate danger from the enemy, whereas in Gingaman, only Maya and Kendrix's counterparts were in immediate danger.
  • This episode was skipped over in the video cassette Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: Return of the Magna Defender, but is included in the complete DVD series of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.

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