Icon-prss.pngThis article is about a/an zord in Power Rangers Super Samurai.

For the similarly named zord in Power Rangers Turbo, see Sharkzord (Turbo).

SharkZord is the Red Samurai Ranger's third Zord that resembles a shark. It can combine with Samurai Megazord to form into Samurai Shark Megazord. It forms when the Shark Attack Disc is installed in the Spin Sword, which turns the bearer into Shark Attack Mode and allows for him/her to summon the zord itself.

It is controlled by the Shark Sword.

It was unlocked by Antonio using the LightZord.

Samurai Shark Megazord

"Samurai Shark Megazord armed for battle!"
―Samurai Rangers[src]

Samurai Shark Megazord cockpit

Samurai Shark Megazord is the combination of Samurai Megazord and SharkZord. Part of SharkZord becomes the helmet and the rest of it becomes the sword. The interior of the Megazord cockpit also gains a rainbow of Ranger colors on the back wall directly behind Jayden. Its finisher was the SharkZord Slash. It was used to finish off General Gut and Eyescar.

Samurai Shark Gigazord

The Samurai Shark Gigazord is the final combination of all twelve Zords and true form of Samurai Gigazord. In this form, the Samurai Gigazord wield the SharkZord. Its "finishing attack", however, is to summon the symbol power of all zords, energizing the SharkZord to deliver the "Ultimate Samurai Slash".

The formation is only used once in Stroke of Fate, in Serrator's final battle.


  • The Bandai America SharkZord toy has additional fins to make it look more like a shark. These fins, however, can be removed in order to achieve a more show-accurate look.
  • In the toyline, the SharkZord can be combine with the BeetleZord and SwordfishZord and create the Samurai Sharkwing and, with the Samurai Megazord, the Sharkwing Megazord. These combinations are all exclusive to the toyline.
  • In Clash of the Red Rangers, the SharkZord does not apply its cockpit recolouring to the 'V' structure behind Jayden.

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