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After Izout severely damaged the Time Force Megazord in The Time Shadow, the Shadow Winger appears to aid the Rangers. Its presence is often heralded with a solar eclipse, though instead of the moon being the source of the eclipse, it is a time portal opening. For a long time, the identity of the person who sends the Shadow Winger back in time is unknown - later it is revealed to be Alex.

Time Shadow Megazord

The Shadow Winger can become the Time Shadow Megazord which can deliver a double slash with its wrist blades. Is capable of wielding the Time Force Megazord Saber along with it's own blade.

Shadow Force Megazord

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The Shadow Winger can combine with the Time Force Megazord to form the Shadow Force Megazord. This Zord is basically the same as the Time Force Megazord, but with increased power and additional armor. Like the Time Force Megazord, the Shadow Force also comes equipped with the Shadow Force Megazord Saber which has a sword and blaster, with different finishing attacks.

Shadow Force Megazord Mode Blue

Shadow Force Megazord Mode Blue uses the Time Target, which involves it flying into the air and launching the numbers of a clock around the mutant. The numbers would surround the mutant in a circle as they formed a clock. The Megazord would then fire its blaster right at the helpless mutant, who freezes briefly before imploding and being shrunken down again. This attack is called Time Blast.

Shadow Force Megazord Mode Red

On the other hand, Shadow Force Megazord's Mode Red uses the Blizzard Slash (also known as Time Strike), which involves creating a holographic clock as it circles its saber once, and then slashing down on the mutant directly from the center of the clock. The mutant freezes briefly, then explodes, implodes, and finally shrinks again. Most Blizzard Slashes first involve the Megazord firing laser nets at the mutant to trap them before execution.

Source of Power

Like every device of the Time Force Rangers, this Zord had the ability to freeze time, for a short period. Its power source is unknown, probably a new type of nuclear reactor used in a future earth society.

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