This article is about a/an episode in Power Rangers Turbo, the third installment in the Zordon Era .

Shadow Rangers is the fourth episode of Power Rangers Turbo.


Divatox hires a special monochrome Chromite, who captures the Power Rangers and creates evil Shadow Ranger doubles from their shadows. Only Tommy is spared this fate, and he'll need to figure out how to save his friends and stop a paint can-camouflaged detonator at a construction site from blowing up Angel Grove.

Meanwhile, a rash of minor thefts is occurring around Angel Grove.


While talking about their various occupations, Adam, Kat and Tanya get their powers stripped.





  • Even though Justin's shoelace had become stuck on the accelerator, he has still removed his foot which should have eased off the gas.
  • The Shadow Rangers created from Adam, Tanya and Kat appeared behind them, while Justin's appeared in front.
  • Both the Pink and Yellow Shadow Rangers both stood in a shadow at different points in this episode but were left unharmed.
  • Chromite seemingly walked out of the cave where the Rangers were being held (allowing them to track him) despite having teleportation abilities.
  • As of this episode, almost all morphs had the Ranger outfits in the episode not match the morphing footage, This is because of them using stock footage, 



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