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Shadow Guard White is one of two Shadow Guards, that served Carnisoar. He possesed the Spirit of Deer Bettle. He serves, alongside Shadow Guard Black, as one of the two secondary antagonists of the episode "Ghost of a Chance".


At first Shadow Guards were only statues in Dai Shi's Palace. But then Carnisoar revived them to help Dai Shi defeat the Power Rangers. Shadow Guards were silent warrior. They couldn't talk, but they were loyal to Dai Shi and they used staffs in battle and could fire energy. In first battle with Rangers, they helped Dai Shi defeat themand later bring RJ to his palace. In second battle with Rangers, they fought them again, but heroes now got new Jungle Master Mode amd defeated them. First Shadow Guard was destroyed by Lily, second by Theo. They were revived and enlarged and with New Jungle Master Zords. After the first guard was destroyed by the combined power of the Jungle Master Zord's, the White Shadow Guard absorbed his power and became stronger, but the Rangers combined into the Jungle Master Megazord. The White Shadow Guard stood no chance of succeeding and was quickly destroyed by the Jungle Master Fury Fists. Ghost of a Chance


Both Shadow Guards were silent and dark warriors, that don't talk. But they are loyal to Dai Shi and Carnisoar.

Powers And Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength-Ths White Shadow Guard is strong enough to flip down Lily without any significant exertion. The fact that she survived longer than his friend also suggests he was the more powerful of the two.
  • Durability-The White Shadow Guard was struck by the Jungle Master Zord's finishing strike and wa skmocked down but survived unlike his comrade.
  • Power Absorbtion-After recovering from that finisher, The White Shadow Guard was able to absorb the energy of his dead friend in through his mouth to give him a boost in power.
    • Energy Blasts-When empowered by his dead friend, The White Shadow Guard was able to bend forward and fire a massive purple energy blast from the centre of his back. Although this had no effect on the Jungle Master Megazord, it's nature of being attained via power absorption suggests this was his strongest attack.


  • Staff-The White Shadow Guard carries a massive red staff for combat which he lost when struck by the Jungle Master Zord's finishing strike.


  • The Shadow Guards were first monsters to fight Jungle Master Mode and Jungle Master Zords.
    • This specific Shadow Guard also fought the Jungle Master Megazord.

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