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Shadow Guard Black is one of two Shadow Guards, that served Carnisoar. Shadow Guard Black possessed the Spirit of Rhinoceros Beetle. He serves, alongside Shadow Guard White, as the secondary antagonists of the episode "Ghost of a Chance".


At first Shadow Guards were only the statues in Dai Shi's Palace. But then Carnisoar revived them and ordered to serve Dai Shi. Both Shadow Guards couldn't talk, they were silent warrior, but were very strong, could fight with staffs and fire energy. They helped Dai Shi defeat Rangers in their first fight, and then bring RJ to Dai Shi's Palace. But during the second battle, Power Rangers got new Master Mode and defeated them. First Shadow Guard was destroyed by Lily, other by Theo. They were both revived and enlarged and fought new Jungle Master Zords. The first Guard was destroyed but his power was absorbed by his partner and he agsin fought Zords, but was destroyed by Jungle Master Megazord with the full fury attack. Ghost of a Chance


Both Shadow Guards were dark and silent warriors, who couldn't talk. But they are loyal to Carnisoar.

Powers And Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Energy Blasts


  • Staff


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