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"No. No. No. My beautiful colors. I'm melting. I'm melting."
―Shadow Chromite's final words before his death[src]

The Shadow Chromite was a special Chromite and one of Divatox's monsters. He stole Rangers's powers to create Shadow Rangers. He serves as the main antagonist of the episode "Shadow Rangers".


Shadow Chromite was one of Chromites who served Divatox. Chromites appeared when General Havoc arrived. Shadow Chromite was unique. His life force was connected to the sunlight. He also could control sunlight and was able to create Shadow Rangers from the solar energy. In the fourth episode Divatox ordered Shadow Chromite to attack Angel Grove with detonator which was supposed to destroy the city in the blast. Chromite attacked Angel Grove and encountered Power Rangers. Chromite created Shadow Rangers who absorbed rangers's powers and rangers lost their powers and couldn't morph. Adam, Kat and Tanya were captured. Justin later also encountered Chromite and got his evil twin and was captured, while Tommy escaped to the Command Center. Chromite sent captured rangers to his cave with bra-lamps under the guard of Pink Shadow Ranger, and he took other shadow rangers with him to hunt Tommy. However Dimitria helped Tommy. She told him that Shadow Rangers were created of solar energy, so they can be defeated if sunlight is blocked and they get in the shadow. Tommy encountered Shadow Rangers and managed to lure them in the Shadow, and they disappeared. Then Tommy followed a signal of the beacon of transmitter which Justin put in his pocket. Tommy followed to the cave and broke bra-lamps, destroying Pink Shadow Ranger, and freeing his friends. Then Rangers morphed and formed Turbo Megazord. Turbo Megazord blocked sunlight and Chromite and his detonator were finally destroyed.


Shadow Chromite was cunning, sinister and unpredictable monster, who took great pride in destroying the Power Rangers.

Powers And Abilities


  • Detonator

Behind The Scenes


  • Just like several other characters, Shadow Chromite was voiced by Ken Merckx.


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