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"Where'd those pesky Power Rangers go?! Ah! No! Don't block out the sun! NO! NO! MY BEAUTIFUL DETONATOR AND MY BEAUTIFUL COLORS! AAAAAAAAHHH!!! I'm melting! I'm melting...!"
―Shadow Chromite's final words before his demise.[src]

The Shadow Chromite was a special Chromite and one of Divatox's monsters. He could control sunlight stole the Rangers' powers to create the Shadow Rangers. He serves as the main antagonist of the episode "Shadow Rangers".


Death of Shadow Chromite

Shadow Chromite was one of the Chromites who served Divatox. The Chromites appeared when General Havoc arrived. Shadow Chromite was unique. His life force was connected to the sunlight. He also could control sunlight and was able to create the Shadow Rangers from the solar energy.

In the fourth episode, Divatox ordered Shadow Chromite to attack Angel Grove with a detonator which was supposed to destroy the city in the blast. Chromite attacked Angel Grove and encountered the Power Rangers. Chromite created the Shadow Rangers who absorbed the Rangers' powers and the Rangers lost their powers and couldn't morph. Adam, Kat and Tanya were captured. Justin later also encountered Chromite who stole Justin's powers, made his evil twin and was captured, while Tommy escaped to the Command Center.

Chromite sent the captured Rangers to his cave with bra-lamps under the guard of the Pink Shadow Ranger, and he took the other Shadow Rangers with him to hunt Tommy. However, Dimitria helped Tommy as she told him that the Shadow Rangers were created from lights of solar energy, so they can be defeated if the sunlight is blocked and they get in the shadows, they fade away forever. Tommy encountered the Shadow Rangers, managed to lure them in the shadows and they disappeared.

Then Tommy followed a signal of the beacon of transmitter which Justin put in his pocket. Tommy followed to the cave and broke the bra-lamps, destroying  the Pink Shadow Ranger, and freeing his friends. Then the Rangers morphed and formed the Turbo Megazord. The Turbo Megazord blocked the sunlight and Chromite and his detonator were finally destroyed. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Shadow Rangers (episode)


Shadow Chromite was a cunning, sinister and unpredictable monster, who took great pride in destroying the Power Rangers. He was also very excitable and flamboyant, gesturing wildly and gushing about the beauty of the colors around him.

Powers and Abilities


  • Sunlight Control: Chromite can control the sunlight.
  • Shadow Rangers Creating: Chromite can create Shadow Rangers by copying the real Rangers.
  • Powers Absorbing: Chromite can take away powers of the Rangers and make them unable to morph.


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  • Sunlight: Chromite needs sunlight for his life, because without it he will disappear and be destroyed.


  • Detonator: Chromite wields a detonator, which was given him by Divatox.

Behind the Scenes


  • Just like several other characters, Shadow Chromite was voiced by Ken Merckx.


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  • Chromite was based upon a gray version of the Combatant Wumpers, the footsoldiers from Gekisou Sentai Carranger. Standard colored Chromites (who, unlike this one, lacked the ability to speak) would later appear working for General Havoc.
  • Ironically, in Carranger, not only were the Wumpers footsoldiers in the vein of the Putty Patrol, only even more comedic due to the lighthearted nature of the season, but a single white Wumper often accompanied the other more colorful ones, and was always shown to be comically inept even by that standard, often tripping over itself without any help from the Carrangers. On the other hand, Chromite was one of the more problematic monsters, causing the Rangers a great deal of trouble with its ability that barely gave them the opportunity to fight, and proving able to easily outfight all five of them at once when they did all regain their powers, never losing the upper hand in direct battle even for a moment. It was only defeated when the Rangers exploited its weakness to shadow - a desperation move as the Rangers had no way to be sure Chromite would share its creations' weakness. Of all Turbo monsters, only Goldgoyle (whose battle footage was taken from the upgraded form of Carranger's main villain) came this close to total victory and outclassed the Rangers this completely hand-to-hand. To a Carranger fan, the idea of a lone Wumper, most especially this particular one, being that powerful and dangerous would be utterly preposterous.